Okami: Official Complete Works Available for Pre-Order via UDON; New Hardcover Variant

UDON has announced that pre-orders for their exclusive version of Okami: Official Complete Works are available via their digital storefront for $49.99, ahead of an estimated December 2022 shipment. This particular release boasts a new hardcover variant.

Fans can look forward to 288 full-color pages comprising character art, location designs, concept sketches, and production notes from the creators. Further, art and designs from Mari Shimazaki, Sawaki Takeyasu, and Kenichiro Yoshimura are included. However, it is worth noting that shipments are not guaranteed to arrive in time for the holidays “due to the unpredictability of the supply chain and shipping, particularly in the winter months.”

You can view officially shared preview pages and the cover art of this upcoming book release via our gallery below:

Okami is an action-adventure title by developer Clover Studio and publisher Capcom. It initially launched for PlayStation 2 before receiving ports to the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

Players control the sun goddess Amaterasu, as a wolf, on her journey to save the land from darkness. The primary gameplay mechanic is drawing specific shapes with ink, which performs various skills that impact enemies and the environment. The title eventually received a sequel called Okamiden on the DS.

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