2D Beat ’em Up ‘Ogre Tale’ Gets Western Release Date on PC

Degica Games announced they will publish the Mages-developed 2D sprite-based beat-em-up action game, Ogre Tale, on PC-via Steam on August 20.

Ogre Tale is set hundreds of years ago when ogres lived amongst humans, who were hated after they caused trouble and considered to be demons. One day, three soon-to-be folk heroes named Momotaro, Kintaro, and Issuntaro decided that they will take on the ogre threat and travel to the land of Onigashima. Their goal was to confront the ogres and take them out for good.

Momotaro and her crew ended up defeating the ogre leader, Iroha, and the human world returned to peace. However, back in the present-day Tokyo, Iroha used the power of reincarnation on herself as soon as she was defeated and lived many lives in hiding until she came across the last remaining ogres.

So, it turns out Momotaro is also still alive and is now a guy, the 37th generation descendent of the original. However, he plans to not follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and take on an evil lead. This means that the ogres may be the good guys now.

In single or multiplayer mode, players will control Ran, Hana, or Yume, three sisters with different abilities and movesets. Players will also interact with Iroha, a cat, and Momotaro, the bad guy.

Ogre Tal features main and side quests as players make their way through various levels. The game features online modes as well, where they’ll be able to use in-game coins to purchase new items. Additionally, character stats can be improved after a few fights. Up to three players area bout to play together online.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

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