Octopath Traveler II Introduces Throné & Temenos’ Settings & Gameplay Toolkits; Secondary Jobs, Screenshots

Following the latest trailer for Octopath Traveler II introducing party members Throné and Temenos, Square Enix has shared a slew of new information.

Throné Anguis, the thief, voiced by Erica Mendez, begins her tale in the Brightlands. She is a member of a thieves guild called the Black Snakes, controlling the city from the shadows. As a result, Throné regularly robs and kills. Yearning to escape this shackled life, she begins a journey seeking freedom.

Characters she will meet throughout her journey include the following:

  • Father, voiced by DC Douglas
    • A Blacksnake leader and first-rate assassin who oversees the guild’s jobs. Taught Throné the practice of assassination in her youth.

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  • Mother, voiced by Meli Grant
    • The other Blacksnakes leader. She values order and discipline above all else. Manages the guild’s members and cruelly punishes those who fail her.

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  • Pirro, voiced by Sean Chiplock
    • Blacksnakes member who dreams of rising through the ranks and earning freedom despite his somewhat resigned life.

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  • Scaracci, voiced by Eliah Mountjoy
    • Blacksnakes member who wears a veil of courage, secretly terrified of being punished by the guild.

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The Brightlands are the continent’s largest city, an urban region in Eastern Solistia. Its namesake originates from the area’s sunshine and pleasant climate. Agriculture caused the region’s popularity and, eventually, wealth to thrive, with development soon after. Game parlors, theaters, and more buildings comprise the city.

The center of the Brightlands has its “beating heart,” New Delsta. Further, the east has the industrial center called Clockbank, which has prospered since the Age of Discovery.

Throné’s daytime Path Action is Steal, letting her do the obvious to townspeople with a chance to fail. If the latter occurs, your reputation will suffer, preventing Path Action usage. Raising Throné’s level will heighten the chances of success. On the other hand, her nighttime Path Action is Ambush, enabling her to knock people unconscious if they are in the way, assuming her level is high enough.

Her Battle Talent, Blessing of Darkness, automatically triggers in battles during the night, raising the physical attack, elemental attack, and speed of all allies. Lastly, her Latent Power, Leave No Trace, lets her act twice in a single turn if the gauge is full.

“Not again… Not this stench. Every time I breathe it in, it feels as though my very lungs are rotting… The stench of blood.“

Temenos Mistral, the Cleric, is voiced by Jordan Dash Cruz. His tale begins in the mountainous region of the Crestlands. He is an easygoing inquisitor who ends up facing an inherently altered status quo once an unspecified tragic incident occurs in the Church. So he sets out on a journey to solve the mystery left behind.

Characters Temenos will meet include:

  • Pontiff Jörg, voiced by Jay Preston
    • Most prominent Order of the Sacred Flame member, respected by each member of the town. He appointed Temenos as inquisitor due to his tremendous trust in him.

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  • Crick, voiced by Stephen Fu
    • A new Sanctum Knight tasked with guarding the Cathedral, though he cooperates with Temenos in investigating the incident that occurs.

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The Crestlands primarily comprises mountains and hills located at Northeast Solistia. The center of the Sacred Flame’s faith, the Aelfric Cathedral, resides at the top of a particular peak. Believers of this religion have utilized this locale as the hub for worship since anyone can remember. The Church and Sacred Flame itself are essentially the divine lords of the Crestlands. A small-scale town called Flamechurch is at the Cathedral’s base, where the citizenry is well-off thanks to caring for the visiting pilgrims.

Temenos’ daytime Path Action is Guide, enabling him to lead a townsperson around if his level is high enough, which lets them aid him in combat. Alternatively, his nighttime Path Action is Coerce, lowering an opponent’s Shield Points to 0 to gain information. Exploiting weaknesses is all that’s required here, not victory.

Temenos’ Talent is Moonlight Judgment, automatically triggering during battles at night, where it blinds foes and lowers their physical and
elemental defenses. Lastly, his Latent Power is Judgment, which reduces enemies’ Shield Points with any attack if the gauge is full.

“Oh dear… I suppose it can’t be helped. After all, doubt is what I do.“

Secondary Jobs are also introduced, which can be equipped in conjunction with Primary Jobs to intricately alter weapon and skill loadouts. These can be obtained by completing guild requests. Ultimately up to three Secondary Job licenses can be acquired, letting multiple party members utilize the same Secondary Job simultaneously.

Special Jobs are another mechanic, though not yet highly elaborated. Their usage necessitates a “proof” item to be used in combat, and only one party member can use one of these Jobs at a time. Support Skills are unlocked by learning Job Skills, and up to four of these automatically-occurring skills can be equipped per party member. Learning all Job Skills is recommended to gain access to all possible Support Skills. Further, some of them can be used outside of battle.

Throné and Temenos will have their own Crossed Paths story consisting of the following:

“Throné and Temenos return to Flamechurch.

Throné recalls a rumor she heard of a treasure inside the cathedral and asks Temenos if he would like to do a little investigating…”

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You can view brand-new screenshots for Octopath Traveler II via our gallery below:

In case you missed it, the character trailer introducing Throné Anguis and Temenos Mistral is viewable below:

Octopath Traveler II is releasing for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam on February 24, 2023.

This new standalone sequel in the series will add new mechanics, such as a full day/night cycle, with the characters’ path actions differing depending on the time of day. Additionally, unlike the first game, the cast of this entry is promised to interact more, with the “Crossed Paths” stories incorporating two protagonists.

Octopath Traveler is now available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC via Steam.

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