Octopath Traveler II News Round-Up; All Character Stories, Screenshots, Gameplay Details & More

With Square Enix’s and Team Asano’s turn-based JRPG, Octopath Traveler II, launching for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on February 24, 2023, we have decided to compile all of the officially released information for this game.

Countless avenues of news from our prior instances of coverage are reiterated below, including character stories, gameplay mechanics, screenshots, and much more.

Octopath Traveler II

The game takes place in the world of Solistia – “a setting comprised of Eastern and Western continents divided by the sea.” An industrial revolution is occurring, with sea navigation on the rise and steam birthing new technological inventions. Although, there are clear divides in the world between those who live luxuriously and those who are agonized day in and day out.

Further, a new combat mechanic is Latent Power, viewable via a gauge that builds while damage is dealt between both sides in combat. A potent ability can be utilized once the indicator is full. Additionally, a day and night cycle is present, with characters’ path actions differing depending on the time of day.

Square Enix has addressed critiques of the first game’s lack of character connection and interaction, stating the following:

“One of the most common requests from players of OCTOPATH TRAVELER was that they wanted to see the different protagonists interact with each other more. Consider that feedback well and truly received!

In OCTOPATH TRAVELER II, there are more interactions between the different members of the group. Additional stories will unfold between the protagonists as their journey progresses, deepening the characters and their relationships.”

Another new element is “Crossed Paths,” stories featuring two protagonists at once.

The full playable cast is viewable below:


Hikari Ku

Hikari Ku, voiced by Howard Wang, is one of the characters currently detailed. He is the younger prince of Ku, and his tale begins in the desert region of Hinoeuma. Unfortunately, his nation is ceaselessly at war, so he inestimably yearns to stop the blood. “I pray for a world without conflict. Without bloodshed.”

Hikari’s day path action is Challenge, allowing him to duel NPCs in the overworld. Alternatively, his night path action is Bribe, letting him pay currency for information. Further, his Talent comprises learning skills from defeating townspeople in duels. Finally, the Latent Power he possesses is Shadow Hold, where darkness is utilized to gain access to special skills.

OT2 202209 PUB01 IMG011

Characters in Hikari’s Tale include the following:

General Mugen, voiced by Jason Marnocha

  • A prince of Ku and Hikari’s older half-brother. He is a cool-headed and powerful warrior who seeks strength for his nation and believes that might makes right. Also known as the “Scarlet Demon of Ku.”

OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT007


Ritsu, voiced by Phillip Reich

  • A lowborn warrior and Hikari’s rival. They are both training partners and stalwart allies on the field of battle.

OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT008

Rai Mei, voiced by Katelyn Gault

  • Lord of House Mei, a small clan that has sworn fealty to Ku. She proudly wields the Spear of Levin as she fights side by side with Hikari.

OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT009

Kazan, voiced by Edward Bosco

  • A famous tactician known as the Eagle of Ku. The desert nation has seen many victories under his leadership. He is regrettably fond of drinking and gambling.

OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT010

Hinoeuma is in southwest Solistia, where its northern and southern rivers allow for significant crop growth, such as wheat and corn. The legend of the conjurer god, Priestess Hinoekagura, lives on here as well. The name of the region is supposedly derived from that conjurer. Countless conflicts have occurred throughout Hinoeuma, primarily for scant water and resources. Nations apparently have brief names here to prevent sand from getting into people’s mouths.

Agnea Bristarni

Another character highlighted is the Dancer, Agnea Bristarni, voiced by Xanthe Huynh. Her Tale begins in the Leaflands, a particularly verdant region. She’s an enthusiastic dreamer who yearns to become a star. “I’m going to become a star and bring smiles to people’s faces. Just like Mama.”

Agnea’s day path action is Allure, letting her compel others to join her, albeit with a chance, and letting them act as battle support. Alternatively, her night path action is Entreat, letting her gain items from individuals if the level is high enough. Further, her Talent is Dance Session, causing a variety of beneficial effects to allies dependent on which allured supporters are present. The Latent Power she possesses is All Together Now, which extends the reach of skills to everyone.

OT2 202209 PUB01 IMG010

Characters in Agnea’s Tale include the following:

  • Pala, voiced by Brenna Larsen
    • Agnea’s perceptive younger sister. She calls her big sister “Agnie” and supports her dream with all her heart.

OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT011

Dolcinaea, voiced by AmaLee

  • A dancer who attained worldwide fame as a superstar. She practices every single day and takes pride in how far her effort has brought her. Although she appears conceited on the surface, she possesses a kind heart.

OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT012


OT2 202209 PUB01 IMG003

Partitio Yellowil

Partitio, voiced by Jas Patrick, begins his journey in the Wildlands, where he witnesses his hometown fall victim to poverty. He then makes his goal a rather altruistic one, bringing prosperity to all via commerce. Characters he will meet throughout his story include the following:

  • Papp, voiced by Keith Silverstein
    • Partitio’s father and the man who taught him all he knows about commerce. He came to this barren land 16 years ago and helped buildOresrush from the ground up.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT004

  • Roque, voiced by Richard Tatum
    • Papp’s business partner. He and Papp purchased a promising plot of land, anticipating it would be rich in silver. It has since bloomed into the town of Oresrush. Partitio admires him for being a pioneer in business.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT005

  • Ori, voiced by Jeannie Tirado
    • A scrivener for the Delsta Times who travels the world looking for the latest scoop. Partitio’s actions have caught her eye, and she seemingly appears out of thin air to get all the juicy details.

The Wildlands are in Northwest Solistia, and it primarily consists of volcanic rock and barren land. Small mining towns in the vicinity, like Oresrush established by Papp and Roque, take advantage of the volcanic soil’s embedded, valuable minerals. Interestingly, there is a large breed of goat who “subsist on a meager fare of local weed.” Further, the milk produced by these goats results in some tasty cheese. Interesting worldbuilding.

Partitio’s daytime path action is Purchase, while his nighttime path action is Hire. The former allows him to buy items from townspeople, and the latter lets him hire helpers for battle. Moreover, his Talent, “Business Partners,” can potentially result in shop discounts, free items, greater received currency when selling, and fewer required resources for battle skills. Lastly, his Latent Power is “Hoot and Holler,” enabling him to replenish a party member’s BP fully.


Osvald V. Vanstein

Osvald, voiced by Alejandro Saab, begins his journey in the Winterlands where he’s imprisoned for life for supposedly killing his wife and daughter. He has spent 1,879 days in confinement.

Osvald understandably seeks vengeance. Characters he will meet throughout his story include the following:

  • Harvey, voiced by Craig Lee Thomas
    • A scholar of magic who is on par with Osvald. He continues his research into the seventh source of magic, which differs from the six known elements of fire, ice, lightning, wind, light, and darkness.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT010

  • Emerald, voiced by Andy Barnett
    • A fellow prisoner of Osvald’s on Frigit Isle. He leverages his knowledge as an informant to help Osvald escape.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT011

  • Lady Clarissa, voiced by Leigha Horton
    • Osvald’s research assistant. She believes that Osvald is innocent and watches over his study in his absence.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT012

The Winterlands are in Northern Solistia, a land of intense ice and snow. The region’s Capital is the mountain city of Stormhail, where the Sacred Guard resides. Formed 380 years ago by Archbishop Kinchler, this organization aims to “uphold law and order across the continent.” Regarding commerce, the town of Cape Cold at the coast is home to fishermen who catch the local delicacy, comprising salmon, trout, mackerel, squid, and more. Agricultural and textile work is common here as well. Unfortunately, a form of barley has been making the rounds.

Osvald’s daytime path action is Scrutinize, while his nighttime path action is Mug. The former allows him to sneakily gather information in towns at a chance, though his reputation will diminish if failed. Mug is self-explanatory; Osvald battles townspeople to take their spoils if he emerges victorious. It is also worth noting that no path actions will be possible if one’s reputation is too low.

Osvald’s Talent is arguably one of the most beneficial ones, “Study Foe.” He will automatically scan enemies’ affinities right as a battle begins, informing players of their weaknesses and resistances. Lastly, Osvald’s Latent Power, “Concentrate Spells,” lets him hone an ordinarily multi-target spell into an incredibly potent single-target one.


Osvald and Partitio will have a Crossed Paths scenario where they encounter a man collapsed on the street, turning out to be an Astronomer and an old friend of Osvald’s. The two party members will find themselves dealing with this man’s conflicts.

OT2 202211 PUB02 IMG006

Throné Anguis

Throné Anguis, the thief, voiced by Erica Mendez, begins her tale in the Brightlands. She is a member of a thieves guild called the Black Snakes, controlling the city from the shadows. As a result, Throné regularly robs and kills. Yearning to escape this shackled life, she begins a journey seeking freedom.

Characters she will meet throughout her journey include the following:

  • Father, voiced by DC Douglas
    • A Blacksnake leader and first-rate assassin who oversees the guild’s jobs. Taught Throné the practice of assassination in her youth.

OT2 202212 PUB03 DOT004

  • Mother, voiced by Meli Grant
    • The other Blacksnakes leader. She values order and discipline above all else. Manages the guild’s members and cruelly punishes those who fail her.

OT2 202212 PUB03 DOT005

  • Pirro, voiced by Sean Chiplock
    • Blacksnakes member who dreams of rising through the ranks and earning freedom despite his somewhat resigned life.

OT2 202212 PUB03 DOT006

  • Scaracci, voiced by Eliah Mountjoy
    • Blacksnakes member who wears a veil of courage, secretly terrified of being punished by the guild.

OT2 202212 PUB03 DOT007

The Brightlands are the continent’s largest city, an urban region in Eastern Solistia. Its namesake originates from the area’s sunshine and pleasant climate. Agriculture caused the region’s popularity and, eventually, wealth to thrive, with development soon after. Game parlors, theaters, and more buildings comprise the city.

The center of the Brightlands has its “beating heart,” New Delsta. Further, the east has the industrial center called Clockbank, which has prospered since the Age of Discovery.

Throné’s daytime Path Action is Steal, letting her do the obvious to townspeople with a chance to fail. If the latter occurs, your reputation will suffer, preventing Path Action usage. Raising Throné’s level will heighten the chances of success. On the other hand, her nighttime Path Action is Ambush, enabling her to knock people unconscious if they are in the way, assuming her level is high enough.

Her Battle Talent, Blessing of Darkness, automatically triggers in battles during the night, raising the physical attack, elemental attack, and speed of all allies. Lastly, her Latent Power, Leave No Trace, lets her act twice in a single turn if the gauge is full.

Temenos Mistral

Temenos Mistral, the Cleric, is voiced by Jordan Dash Cruz. His tale begins in the mountainous region of the Crestlands. He is an easygoing inquisitor who ends up facing an inherently altered status quo once an unspecified tragic incident occurs in the Church. So he sets out on a journey to solve the mystery left behind.

Characters Temenos will meet include:

  • Pontiff Jörg, voiced by Jay Preston
    • Most prominent Order of the Sacred Flame member, respected by each member of the town. He appointed Temenos as inquisitor due to his tremendous trust in him.

OT2 202212 PUB03 DOT011

  • Crick, voiced by Stephen Fu
    • A new Sanctum Knight tasked with guarding the Cathedral, though he cooperates with Temenos in investigating the incident that occurs.

OT2 202212 PUB03 DOT012

The Crestlands primarily comprises mountains and hills located at Northeast Solistia. The center of the Sacred Flame’s faith, the Aelfric Cathedral, resides at the top of a particular peak. Believers of this religion have utilized this locale as the hub for worship since anyone can remember. The Church and Sacred Flame itself are essentially the divine lords of the Crestlands. A small-scale town called Flamechurch is at the Cathedral’s base, where the citizenry is well-off thanks to caring for the visiting pilgrims.

Temenos’ daytime Path Action is Guide, enabling him to lead a townsperson around if his level is high enough, which lets them aid him in combat. Alternatively, his nighttime Path Action is Coerce, lowering an opponent’s Shield Points to 0 to gain information. Exploiting weaknesses is all that’s required here, not victory.

Temenos’ Talent is Moonlight Judgment, automatically triggering during battles at night, where it blinds foes and lowers their physical and
elemental defenses. Lastly, his Latent Power is Judgment, which reduces enemies’ Shield Points with any attack if the gauge is full.

Throné and Temenos will have their own Crossed Paths story where they return to the Flamechurch. The former recalls a rumor she heard of a treasure hidden within the cathedral, and so she asks Temenos if he would like to cooperate.

Octopath Traveler II 1 1


Ochette, voiced by Suzie Yeung, is a hunter who resides on the isle of Toto’haha alongside other Beastlings. Humans also live on the island, but everything’s rather carefree and peaceful despite the races’ differences. However, a forthcoming calamity, the Night of the Scarlet Moon, causes Ochette to leave her home, setting sail in search of those who could aid her people’s plight.

Characters she will meet throughout her journey include:

  • Isle Warden, Juvah, voiced by Jaimeson Price
    • Ochette’s master and leader of the beastlings who live on Toto’haha. He hopes she will one day become a protector of the island.

OT2 202301 PUB04 DOT004

  • Akalā, voiced by Daman Mills
    • A lājackal, radiant in the sun’s grace. He acts as both a younger and older brother to Ochette along her journey.

OT2 202301 PUB04 DOT005

  • Mahina, voiced by Cristina Vee
    • A malamaowl, serene in the grace of the moon. She acts as both a younger and older sister to Ochette along her journey.

The vicinity of Southeastern Solistia primarily comprises an ocean with various islands, with Toto’haha being the largest. Continental pioneers first reached this particular landmass around two decades ago. The island’s western side is home to the aforementioned Beastlings, people with fluffy tails.

On the other hand, the island’s eastern side houses the harbor town established by the initial continental pioneers, Tropu’hopu. It has become a resort for those with deep pockets, thanks to its geographical closeness to New Delsta. In addition to serving as a vital stop in trade routes between the eastern and western continents, several luxury goods are sold here, such as coffee beans.

Ochette’s daytime Path Action is Provoke, letting her set a monster loose onto a townsperson, initiating a battle. Victory will cause the opponent to become unconscious, while incurred losses will result in a mired reputation, preventing all Path Action usage.

Alternatively, Ochette’s nighttime Path Action is Befriend, which encourages a townsperson to travel alongside the party. However, specific items like jerky are needed for them to join.

Ochette’s Battle Talent is Capture & Prepare, comprising passive monster capture after battles conclude. The success rate is amplified by decreased enemy health, exposed weaknesses, status ailments, and an active broken state. Only a certain number of monsters can be captured at a time, though. These creatures can then be summoned into battle as often as one desires, allowing for strategic compensation in areas the main party lacks.

Captured monsters can also be transformed into items at any time on the field, becoming recovery products and recruitment items for townspeople. More powerful monsters will become more valuable and useful items.

Lastly, Ochette’s Latent Power is Animal Instincts, opening a variety of powerful skills that do not require any SP. Some examples include Beastly Claws, devastating multiple foes with a physical strike, and Beastly Fans, a single-target strike.

Castti Florenz

Castti Florenz, voiced by Sarah Weidenheft, is an apothecary who begins her tale in the port town, Harborlands. She awakes as an amnesiac, and the only clues to her identity are her apothecary skills and the satchel she wears. As a result, she understandably sets out on a journey to discover who she is.

A character she will meet throughout her adventure is:

  • Malaya, voiced by Heather Gonzalez
    • A traveling apothecary who is awestruck by Castti, whose skills persist despite her memory loss. She is moved by Castti’s desire to help the townspeople and decides to lend her a helping hand.

OT2 202301 PUB04 DOT010

Amidst the twisting coastline in Southern Solistia, the port of Canalbrine can be found, where, during the Age of Exploration a century ago, ships from this town’s piers would discover sea routes to the eastern continent.

The port’s iconic symbol is its colossal lighthouse, acting as a guide for travelers worldwide. It was built two decades ago by engineers who fled the U’s destruction. The reflector plate is made of special ore, boasting incredible light reflection that is said to even be seen in New Delsta. Moreover, the church is another significant spot, ideal for proselytizers and evangelists of the Sacred Flame faith from the east.

Castii’s daytime Path Action is Inquire, letting her obtain information from townspeople if her level is high enough. Alternatively, her nighttime Path Action is Soothe, relieving suffering townspeople of their agony and helping them sleep peacefully. Specific items are needed for treatment, though, and the type varies depending on the patient.

Castii’s Battle Talent is Concot, combining ingredients to create compounds that can heal allies and damage foes. Boosting in battle heightens the number of utilized materials, with significant benefits granted if the proper ones are mixed.

Lastly, Castii’s Latent Power is Every Drop Counts, giving her the ability to Concoct without using any ingredients. Specifically, each instance of Drop Count will lower the necessitated materials, with a max mid-battle boost, conserving up to five ingredients.


Like the other introduced party member pairs, Castii and Ochette have their own Crossed Paths story. In Cropdale Village, the two investigate the nearby woods after hearing reports of hunting efforts not being as effective as they usually are.

Octopath Traveler II 1 1

A brand new gameplay element introduced in this entry is sea travel. Players will initially have access to canoes to travel to towns and caverns, while a full-on vessel will be useable later in the title. Continents can be traveled between, and previously inaccessible islands can be reached. Further, the vessel’s color and sail emblem can be customized via selectable choices.

Secondary Jobs are also introduced, which can be equipped in conjunction with Primary Jobs to intricately alter weapon and skill loadouts. These can be obtained by completing guild requests. Ultimately up to three Secondary Job licenses can be acquired, letting multiple party members utilize the same Secondary Job simultaneously.

Special Jobs are another mechanic, though not yet highly elaborated. Their usage necessitates a “proof” item to be used in combat, and only one party member can use one of these Jobs at a time. Support Skills are unlocked by learning Job Skills, and up to four of these automatically-occurring skills can be equipped per party member. Learning all Job Skills is recommended to gain access to all possible Support Skills. Further, some of them can be used outside of battle.

A newly emphasized storytelling mechanic is that each party member has multiple objectives to fulfill. As a few explicitly provided examples, Throné can pursue Father in the thieves’ town of Winterbloom or seek Mother with the civilization of Oresrush housing clues.

Instead of following the main story, Partito can follow the realm’s Scent of Commerce, and Ochette can choose which of two animal companions will aid her. Mahina specializes in elemental attacks, and Akalā embraces physical maneuvers.

Side Stories, essentially side quests, can be found at several points and areas in the game. Some of these Stories have multiple ways to resolve them via Path Actions, so thinking outside the box may be worthwhile.

On a final note, players are able to fast-forward event scenes, text speed, and even battles themselves. Events and battles, in particular, can be sped up to twice as fast as their original runtime.

Digital standard edition pre-orders will grant the Travel Provisions DLC listed below. These items will also be obtainable in-game.

  • Healing Grape (M) x 5
  • Inspiriting Plum (M) x 5
  • Revitalizing Jam x 2
  • Gold Dust (can be sold for 5,000 leaves in-game) x 1

A Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch is also available for pre-order via the Square Enix store for $179.99. It contains the following contents:

  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II Standard Edition Game
    This art book features a collection of package art, world maps, and illustrations depicting eight travelers and their Crossed Path. The pages are specially bound to open flat at 180 degrees, making it very easy to view and appreciate the full-size spreads. The cover has a smooth matte finish with foil stamping giving the book a luxurious feel.
    ※Size: B5 (182 x 257 mm) / Hard Cover Album Bound / 44 pages
  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II –Extended Battle Tracks–
    This mini OST includes 24 variations of Extended Battle Tracks, with unique intro melodies for each of the eight protagonists, which play when taking on a strong foe. This is a special CD with song variations not included in the complete soundtrack which will be sold separately.
    ※These song variations may be sold separately at a later date.
  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – Travelers Bust Set
    A set of bust figures depicting the eight travelers, the protagonists of the title. The striking expressions in their respective gazes foreshadow each of their journeys about to begin. Also the background inside the figure package features a map of the Solistia continent. When displaying this map as a backdrop for the figures, it feels the epic world of OCTOPATH TRAVELER II unfolds right in front of you. Of course, these stylish figures can be displayed on their own as well.
    ※Approximate Figure Size: W 32 mm x D 24.6 mm x H 76 mm

Officially unveiled screenshots are viewable via our gallery below:

The map for the game’s world, Solistia, was also revealed. Thanks to the Octopath Traveler fan account, @octopathrpg, for sharing this image.

Octopath Traveler II 38

Every Octopath Traveler II trailer is viewable below:

Octopath Traveler II is launching for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on February 24, 2023.

The original Octopath Traveler is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC via Steam.

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