Octopath Traveler II Announced; February 2023 Release for PS4, PS5, Switch & PC

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix announced that Octopath Traveler II is now in development. A February 24, 2023 release date was also stated.

Square Enix confirmed the game is launching for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam on the same date. In addition, a live broadcast will be held during Tokyo Game Show 2022, featuring the director, producer, and composer. However, an exact time has not yet been provided.

You can view the key art below:

OT2 202209 PUB01 IMG001

The following key gameplay features are advertised:

  • Break & Boost Battle System – Players must act strategically to exploit enemy weaknesses to “Break” them in order to inflict more damage, and “Boost” their travelers to enhance their abilities.
  • Path Actions – Players can interact with NPCs throughout the world in various ways by using actions unique to each character. Path Actions will vary depending on the protagonist and whether it is day or night.
  • Brand-New Story and Characters – Players can embark on a grand adventure in the new land of Solistia and experience the intertwined stories of eight new travelers: Hikari (Warrior), Agnea (Dancer), Partitio (Merchant), Osvald (Scholar), Throné (Thief), Temenos (Cleric), Ochette (Hunter), and Castti (Apothecary).
  • Day/Night Cycle – The townscapes and Path Actions available to each character will change depending on if it is night or day, creating more opportunities for exploration and discovery.
  • Latent Power – A new battle element in which characters can unleash a powerful ability once the ability’s gauge fills up during combat.
  • Crossed Paths – Additional stories will unfold between the protagonists as their journey progresses, further intertwining their narratives.

Official screenshots are viewable via our gallery below:

The game takes place in the world of Solistia – “a setting comprised of Eastern and Western continents divided by the sea.” An industrial revolution is occurring, with sea navigation on the rise and steam birthing new technological inventions. Although, there are clear divides in the world between those who live luxuriously and those who are agonized day in and day out.

Further, a new combat mechanic is Latent Power, viewable via a gauge that builds while damage is dealt between both sides in combat. A potent ability can be utilized once the indicator is full. Additionally, a day and night cycle is present, with characters’ path actions differing depending on the time of day.

Square Enix has addressed critiques of the first game’s lack of character connection and interaction, stating the following:

“One of the most common requests from players of OCTOPATH TRAVELER was that they wanted to see the different protagonists interact with each other more. Consider that feedback well and truly received!

In OCTOPATH TRAVELER II, there are more interactions between the different members of the group. Additional stories will unfold between the protagonists as their journey progresses, deepening the characters and their relationships.”

The revealed cast is viewable below:

Another new element is “Crossed Paths,” stories featuring two protagonists at once.

Hikari Ku is one of the characters currently detailed. He is the younger prince of Ku, and his tale begins in the desert region of Hinoeuma. Unfortunately, his nation is ceaselessly at war, so he inestimably yearns to stop the blood. “I pray for a world without conflict. Without bloodshed.”

Hikari’s day path action is Challenge, allowing him to duel NPCs in the overworld. Alternatively, his night path action is Bribe, letting him pay currency for information. Further, his Talent comprises learning skills from defeating townspeople in duels. The Latent Power he possesses is Shadow Hold, where darkness is utilized to gain access to special skills.

His voice actors are as follows:

  • JP: Yōji Matsuda
  • EN: Howard Wang

OT2 202209 PUB01 IMG011

Characters in Hikari’s Tale include the following:

General Mugen

OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT007

  • JP: Tsuyoshi Koyama
  • EN: Jason Marnocha

A prince of Ku and Hikari’s older half-brother. He is a cool-headed and powerful warrior who seeks strength for his nation and believes that might makes right. Also known as the “Scarlet Demon of Ku.”


OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT008

  • JP: Yū Hayashi
  • EN: Phillip Reich

A lowborn warrior and Hikari’s rival. They are both training partners and stalwart allies on the field of battle.

Rai Mei

OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT009

  • JP: Mie Sonozaki
  • EN: Katelyn Gault

Lord of House Mei, a small clan that has sworn fealty to Ku. She proudly wields the Spear of Levin as she fights side by side with Hikari.


OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT010

  • JP: Tomokazu Sugita
  • EN: Edward Bosco

A famous tactician known as the Eagle of Ku. The desert nation has seen many victories under his leadership. He is regrettably fond of drinking and gambling.

Hinoeuma is in southwest Solistia, where its northern and southern rivers allow for significant crop growth, such as wheat and corn. The legend of the conjurer god, Priestess Hinoekagura, lives on here as well. The name of the region is supposedly derived from that conjurer. Countless conflicts have occurred throughout Hinoeuma, primarily for scant water and resources. Nations apparently have brief names here to prevent sand from getting into people’s mouths.


Another character highlighted is the Dancer, Agnea Bristarni. Her Tale begins in the Leaflands, a particularly verdant region. She’s an enthusiastic dreamer who yearns to become a star. “I’m going to become a star and bring smiles to people’s faces. Just like Mama.”

Agnea’s day path action is Allure, letting her compel others to join her, albeit with a chance, and letting them act as battle support. Alternatively, her night path action is Entreat, letting her gain items from individuals if the level is high enough. Further, her Talent is Dance Session, causing a variety of beneficial effects to allies dependent on which allured supporters are present. The Latent Power she possesses is All Together Now, which extends the reach of skills to everyone.

Her voice actresses are as follows:

  • JP: Inori Minase
  • EN: Xanthe Huynh

OT2 202209 PUB01 IMG010

Characters in Agnea’s Tale include the following:


OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT011

  • JP: Tomoyo Takayanagi
  • EN: Brenna Larsen

Agnea’s perceptive younger sister. She calls her big sister “Agnie” and supports her dream with all her heart.


OT2 202209 PUB01 DOT012

  • JP: Satomi Arai
  • EN: AmaLee

A dancer who attained worldwide fame as a superstar. She practices every single day and takes pride in how far her effort has brought her. Although she appears conceited on the surface, she possesses a kind heart.

OT2 202209 PUB01 IMG003
Dancer – Agnea

Pre-orders for the standard digital edition will begin for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam tomorrow. Nintendo Switch pre-orders will begin at an unspecified later date. Moreover, the physical standard edition for consoles is available for pre-order from specific storefronts.

Digital standard edition pre-orders will grant the Travel Provisions DLC listed below. These items will also be obtainable in-game.

  • Healing Grape (M) x 5
  • Inspiriting Plum (M) x 5
  • Revitalizing Jam x 2
  • Gold Dust (can be sold for 5,000 leaves in game) x 1

A Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch is also available for pre-order via the Square Enix store for $179.99. It contains the following contents:

  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II Standard Edition Game
    This art book features a collection of package art, world maps, and illustrations depicting eight travelers and their Crossed Path. The pages are specially bound to open flat at 180 degrees, making it very easy to view and appreciate the full-size spreads. The cover has a smooth matte finish with foil stamping giving the book a luxurious feel.
    ※Size: B5 (182 x 257 mm) / Hard Cover Album Bound / 44 pages
  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II –Extended Battle Tracks–
    This mini OST includes 24 variations of Extended Battle Tracks, with unique intro melodies for each of the eight protagonists, which play when taking on a strong foe. This is a special CD with song variations not included in the complete soundtrack which will be sold separately.
    ※These song variations may be sold separately at a later date.
  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – Travelers Bust Set
    A set of bust figures depicting the eight travelers, the protagonists of the title. The striking expressions in their respective gazes foreshadow each of their journeys about to begin. Also the background inside the figure package features a map of the Solistia continent. When displaying this map as a backdrop for the figures, it feels the epic world of OCTOPATH TRAVELER II unfolds right in front of you. Of course, these stylish figures can be displayed on their own as well.
    ※Approximate Figure Size: W 32 mm x D 24.6 mm x H 76 mm

The box art is viewable below:

56daac592ac26923559af6a429d39ab3 1920 KR

The trailer is viewable below:

Octopath Traveler recently celebrated its 4-year anniversary with new art.

Octopath Traveler had a very successful launch when it was initially released on the Nintendo Switch. It received critical acclaim, massive sales, a ton of love from veteran and new JRPG fans, and it has even gotten a mobile spin-off game, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent. We published a preview for this mobile title.

This mobile game takes place a few years before the events of Octopath Traveler proper, where the land of Orsterra is ruled by all manner of tyrants seeking to fulfill their selfish desires. Still, some crucial individuals resist these oppressors, Chosen Ones of a Divine Ring, who players will encounter. The title boasts over 64 playable characters at launch, with unique path actions akin to what is useable in Octopath Traveler. Speaking of direct Octopath Traveler carry-overs, its composer, Yasunori Nishiki, has created new compositions.

Octopath Traveler is now available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC via Steam.

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