Occultic;Nine Visual Novel Celebrates Sixth Anniversary with Main Theme Arrangement

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the most overlooked Science Adventure entry, Occultic;Nine, composer Takeshi Abo has shared a symphonic arrangement of the main theme, “THE OCCULTISM.” To specify, this anniversary is for the visual novel release which arrived after the initial light novel.

Occultic;Nine is an unfortunate entry of the Science Adventure franchise, being a widely overlooked light novel series that never even concluded, still stuck at only three volumes. Further, its anime and visual novel adaptions were widely panned by general audiences and series fans alike.

Their negative reception can be attributed to several factors, primarily from overly ambitious expectations and poorly implemented character perspective pacing across each of its avenues. Even the light novels, the best iteration of its storytelling, weren’t exactly beloved.

However, the Occultic;Nine visual novel, which has remained Japan-exclusive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita to this day, is especially infamous for being released in an unfinished state. A planned revisit to rectify the visual novel’s faults, Occultic;Nine: New World, was canceled recently.

As its name implied, Occultic;Nine followed nine protagonists. They were connected through an online blog called Kirikiri Basara. Further, each character experienced events seemingly defying natural conventions, leading to unexpected results.

You can view Abo’s Occultic;Nine sixth anniversary arrangement below:

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