Nukitashi 2 International Release Announced by Shiravune

Right after release of Qruppo’s eroge visual novel Nukitashi, publisher Shiravune has announced the international release of Nukitashi 2. No release window has been given but the English edition of the game should only be available on PC and its H scenes will have mosaics as usual for the publisher, which is based in Japan.

This sequel game continues the events of the first visual novel with an alternate reality where the protagonist joined forces with the FS and became one of the people imposing the Pervert Sex Law. Nukitashi 2 also provides after stories for the main heroines.

The concept of the Nukitashi games revolves around Seiran Island, an area publicized as a paradise for people seeking sex. However, the underlying nature of the island is that of a dictatorship under the pretense of the Pervert Sex Law.

Playing as the young Junnosuke who wants to avoid being forced into sex and to protect his younger sister, the player gets to see the efforts of a non-copulation group called No Love No Sex. His teammates include the sexy Nanase rumored to be the woman with the best techniques in the island, the loli-looking senpai Hinami, and the girl with no presence Misaki.

If you’re curious about Nukitashi, check out our review of the first game. The Japanese opening of the second game can be watched below, showing some wacky references in the comedy visual novel:

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