Visual Novel ‘Nowhere Manor’ Teases its Existential Horror Story and Dark Art Style in New Trailer

Publisher Time Galleon has shared a teaser trailer for Nowhere Manor in the company’s official YouTube account. The video has about one minute and it shows a little of the visual novel in action, teasing its dark undertones and setting. Brazilian comic artist Monaramis spearheads this project, not only acting as the illustrator but also the concept creator and writer in this project.

Nowhere Manor tells the story of a doll called Liber. Though created as just one of many irrational beings meant to act as servants to do their master’s bidding, he has a conscience. For that reason, he tries to escape the manor he is in looking for a way to be his own master and avoid certain doom.

However, it won’t be easy to get out of this place. It’ll be necessary to negotiate his freedom, making alliances along the way with eccentric individuals who may be helpful to his goal. Navigating this society made of creatures willing to sacrifice anyone in their way promises to be a complicated affair and there are multiple endings according to the player’s choices.

Check out Nowhere Manor‘s trailer:

According to its Steam page, Nowhere Manor is coming to PC on Q4 2023, though the game has yet to receive an official date. We’ll be sure to keep you updated about the latest news on Nowhere Manor and other Time Galleon’s projects.

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