Norn9: Var Commons & Norn 9 -Last Era Releasing West for Nintendo Switch; 2023

Norn9: Var Commons & Norn 9 -Last Era Releasing West for Nintendo Switch; 2023

At Anime Expo 2022, Aksys Games announced that they will be localizing the Otomate-developed Norn9: Var Commons and Norn 9 -Last Era for Nintendo Switch in 2023. This otome title was initially released for PSP and PlayStation Vita, with Idea Factory localizing the former version.

Norn9: Var Commons boasts the following inclusions:

  • Branching story paths lead to 24 possible endings
  • Music by legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu 
  • Beautiful backgrounds brought to life by Mioru Akiba 
  • Massive 60-hour story with bonus endings

Norn 9 -Last Era is a fan disc that has never been localized.

The following official summation of this package has been provided:

Fan favorite Norrn9: Var Commons is coming to Nintendo Switch, followed by fandisc Last Era, localized for the first time in the West! In Var Commons, child prodigy Sorata finds himself swept back in time to a mysterious ship with three young women and eight other men on an adventure to uncover the secrets that lie in Norn! Last Era continues the team’s adventures in three exciting parts.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on this upcoming visual novel release.

You can view the announcement trailers for both games below:

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