Otome Game ‘Norn9: Last Era’ Releasing West for Switch Late August 2023

At the All Aksys livestream event, publisher Aksys announced that the fan disc to Norn9: War Commons, Norn9: Last Era, will be officially coming westward on August 24, 2023. Fans who order from the publisher’s web store will be able to obtain an exclusive Norn9 pin.

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Norn9: Last Era is the fandisc to Norn9: Var Commons. It contains four different story modes: Prelude, Concerto, Fuga, and Fantasia. In Prelude, players can learn how each boy boarded the titular Norn ship. In Concerto, the story is split into two parts, Sun and Moon, where the heroines and their lovers go through either a happy epilogue or a conflict where their relationship is put to the test. Next, we have Fuga, comprised of several stories from the boys’ POV. And finally, we have Fantasia, featuring a “what if” scenario of what would happen if the heroines didn’t fall in love with their group.

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