Nope Nope Nurses Review – Masochistic Euphoria

    Title: Nope Nope Nurses
    Developer: DarkOne!
    Release Date: January 25, 2022
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: Shiravune
    Genre: Visual Novel

Visual novels primarily revolving around eroticism tend to cater to specific fetishes and niches, making it admittedly challenging to perform critical, professional reviews. This same conundrum applies to the Dark One! developed and Shiravune published Nope Nope Nurses, an eroge that unapologetically pursues female domination and male-centric masochism to deliver an intensely impactful experience.

Throughout this relatively brief read, players witness the protagonist, Yamada, staying at a hospital with an ill-reputation following him breaking his hands. However, aside from that unfortunate occurrence, Yamada also possesses a rare condition requiring him to ejaculate every three hours. So naturally, with both arms broken, masturbation is merely a pipe dream, leading to him relying on the nurses of this medical establishment to aid this consistent task. However, while the typical and expected eroge would have the nurses be innately kind and be potential love interests, they are undeniably the opposite here.

Nope Nope Nurses

Throughout what is shown of his stay, Yamada is treated by four nurses, Tachibana, Kurokawa, Yamaguchi, and Hiramatsu. All of these attendants are tasked with aiding Yamada in ejaculating, but none of them take pleasure in it whatsoever. Tachibana’s gaze and attitude are soulless, treating Yamada as nothing more than a refilling container to be consistently emptied. Alternatively, Kurokawa is self-deprecating, viewing herself and others as trash. Yamaguchi has clear issues with managing her temper, and despite her romantic yearnings, she doesn’t regard Yamada with any degree of equality. Lastly, Hiramatsu is almost humorously unmotivated to do her job, slacking off considerably and creating evident complications in treating Yamada’s condition.

With the exception of Hiramatsu, who feels somewhat tacked on by the game’s conclusion, the former three nurses each receive relatively equal focus. Alongside their displeasure and lack of care for Yamada’s mental well-being, their characterizations and personal lives are divulged to varying extents. For example, Kurokawa’s frail self-worth is intricately explored, and Yamaguchi’s deviant attitude contrasting with her wholesome desires is also highlighted. Yamada also has a semblance of characterization spread out across each of the girls’ treatments, where he becomes simultaneously relatable and unlikeable for the appropriate crowds.

Nope Nope Nurses 1

Of course, the writing ultimately serves as masochistic fuel, but its unexpected quality amplifies the efficacy of the lewd scenes tenfold. Moreover, the fact that these girls have remotely realistic portrayals rather than being two-dimensional wank fodder makes the delivery of their H-scenes more arousing for those seeking greater masochistic immersion.

It goes without saying that the primary draw of Nope Nope Nurses is its pornographic content. Each girl “boasts” a myriad of scenes where they dominate Yamada in various ways. Obviously, I won’t detail how these scenes go since that would be overstepping my boundaries. Though, I will say that if you get off on female domination, there is stellar quality depicted here. Humiliation is a central facet coupled with some rather inventive ejaculatory methods. Yamaguchi’s scenes are easily the most brutal and will weed out those not open to overt and extreme masochism. Further, Hiramatsu, the nurse I’ve neglected to mention the most because there’s really not much going on with her, arguably has some of the more unique H-scenes. Her emotionlessness and disinterested nature provide an inherently different brand of lewd appeal than the other nurses.

Nope Nope Nurses 2

Also of note is the fantastic voice acting. Each nurse has distinctive voicework identifiable by their character traits, and the voice actresses unabashedly lean into their roles. Eerie snickers and impressive vocal range expertly portray Kurokawa’s manic tendencies. Yamaguchi goes ham in several of her lines, outright mercilessly screaming during her berating of Yamada. Hiramatsu’s lackadaisical persona is amplified by her voice actress’ consummately perpetuated indolence. The game is indisputably partially carried by its tremendous voice talent.

Nope Nope Nurses is a courageous erotic experience solely for those delighted by severe female domination and male masochism. While its length is only a handful of hours and the price point is questionable, what is here is genuinely qualitative, thanks to the remarkable voice acting, shamelessly ferocious H-scene content, and unexpectedly engaging character writing. I simply wish there was more since the brevity can feel head-scratching. If you’re playing this title on Steam, I highly advise installing the free H-content patch from Johren, as the game is vastly incomplete without that material. Here’s hoping the sequel also receives a localization.

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