Nope Nope Nurses Melee Announced for February 2024; Yes, It’s a Nope Nope Nurses Fighting Game

Nope Nope Nurses Melee Announced for February 2024; Yes, It’s a Nope Nope Nurses Fighting Game

Publisher JAST USA has announced that the Nope Nope Nurses fighting game spinoff, Nope Nope Nurses Melee, is now available for pre-order on PC ahead of its planned February 2024 release. Yes, this is apparently real for whatever reason.

This fighting game, made in the 2D Fighter Maker 2nd program released in 2000, features an original story within the Nope Nope Nurses universe. The publisher teamed up with “Yano Kakuto, the game developer headed by Yano Tomoyuki of NO Motion,” for this refreshing spinoff. Yes, there is also a story mode for whatever reason.

The story of Nope Nope Nurses Melee features Tachibana, one of the nurses from the original games, as the protagonist. One day, the nurses of the hospital all became incredibly aggressive to unfathomable extents after drinking coffee from a mysterious pot in the nurses’ station. Tachibana, too, drank from this pot, and while she recognizes that something is clearly wrong, she’s still tempted to engage in combat. Further, the nurses Tachibana defeats in battle turn to Yamada, the protagonist of the original trilogy, to satisfy their sexual desires.

All characters will be featured in VS mode, and local two-player battles are also possible. The combat system features various mechanics, such as the “Medical Combos, Sperm Overdrives, and the Sperm Stock system.” An Easy mode will also be implemented.

However, players should be aware that due to the engine used, the game is played in a 640×480 window, and the following notes are significant:

  • In order to boot the game, you must install and enable DirectPlay.
  • Fullscreen mode is not supported by some video cards.
  • Controller support is not guaranteed. Please use an external tool to map key inputs if necessary.
  • The system options menu was unable to be translated within the game itself. Please refer to the manual for a translation of this menu.
  • Online play is not supported.

Moreover, “Some graphical and music assets were created using AI.”

You can view official screenshots of Nope Nope Nurses Melee via our gallery below:

You can pre-order Nope Nope Nurses Melee via JAST USA’s official online store.

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