Noisy Pixel Played Jackbox Party Pack 8; Here’s Our Thoughts

The Jackbox Party Packs have been around for a while. From classics like Trivia Murder Party to Quiplash, the games have always offered great multiplayer experiences for your Friday game nights or quick sessions with friends.

Furthermore, with the ongoing world events, the developers also improved the later packs in the series considerably with quality of life changes that allowed remote game nights to be possible. I happened to purchase the eighth pack and invited everyone in the Noisy Pixel staff to play. And here are our thoughts on this package.

Drawful: Animate

Drawful: Animate is the third entry in the Drawful franchise. In this title, the objective is to draw according to the given prompt. However, this time, you’re creating a two-frame animation that players must guess the original title of. Additionally, you can type in decoy titles to fool other players into choosing the wrong answer.

It’s a relatively simple premise. Still, it must be emphasized that drawing animations on the phone without the ability to erase your mistakes is… more challenging than it sounds.

Screenshot 1
In our staff writer Heather de Boer’s words: “You’ll never be able to guess it.”

The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

This is the trivia game of the package. Players will answer a series of questions asked by a talking wheel. Its questions can range from obscure Geography facts to even comparing the Final Fantasy games’ release dates. Answering the questions correctly will earn you points, and slices that spin the wheel to earn even more points.

Once you hit 20,000 points, you’ll be able to spin the Winner Wheel. If you land on your name, the wheel will then answer a question you provided at the beginning of the game. Alternatively, the host can choose to assign random questions to all players.

Screenshot 24
Note: They went with the Japanese release order, which kind of misled one of our staff.

Job Job

Looking for a hilarious way to get hired? Well, look no further than Job Job, where you answer questions using words from other people. Players will start by feeding words for the game to use during the Icebreaker round. And then, Mr. Bubbles, the in-game character, will bundle all of them for players to use in the Interview question.

Some amusing sentences can come out of it, which inevitably made most of our staff laugh. After your “masterpiece” is finished, you can vote for the one you liked the best, and if the winning prompt used your own words, you could earn some bonus points.

Screenshot 17
Truly a cacophony of sentences.

Poll Mine

Do you like polls? Do you like mines? Well, in either case, you’ll need to keep up your wits in Poll Mine. Players are divided into teams. You start by answering a poll question and ranking your answers. Then, you’ll have to guess the position of each answer to get torches. This sort of game recommends that you either split yourselves into two audio calls so that the other teams don’t hear each other’s thoughts during choices.

In the first round, players are tasked to find the top 3 answers and then sort them from least to best in the final round. It can get pretty hectic, especially when the correct position of the word you chose is undoubtedly unexpected.

Screenshot 18
Talk it out with your teammate on which door you should pick.

Weapons Drawn

If suspecting your teammates is your thing, but you don’t want to do it in outer space…then Weapons Drawn might be for you! This is the only game in the package that requires four players or more to begin. Players must draw a weapon while hiding their calling card letter within the drawing, which is randomly determined by username.

If you manage to get away scot-free with your murder, you’ll earn Murder Points, but if you manage to pinpoint the “whodunnit” for each situation, you’ll earn Clue Points. The winners are divided into three categories: Who got the most of the former points, and who got most of the latter. The winner of the game is determined by who got the highest sum.

Screenshot 3

This pack is by far the most stellar, and we all vastly enjoyed it. I’ve always had a love for the Jackbox games, and this eighth pack is no different.

My only qualm with it is that unlike packs 5 and 6, there’s no “play alone” game. Still, if you are purchasing the Jackbox Party Pack and plan to play alone, that defeats the point of it.

Since the sixth pack, the developers added a way to enable Closed Captions for players who have trouble hearing the hosts and many streamer-oriented options to make sure that the streamer and their audience can have an enjoyable time competing against each other. I certainly can’t wait for Jackbox Party Pack 9, and I highly recommend checking out each pack.

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