Noisy Pixel Podcast Episode 49 – Under the Weather Gaming

What? You’re wondering how we went from Episode 23 to Episode 49 of this podcast in a flash? Well, truth is, we’ve still been posting weekly episodes, but mainly to Podcast services and YouTube. However, that’s all going to change and we’ll do better to share our content with you dear readers.

This week’s episode is hosted by Azario Lopez, Victor Aparicio, and Brian Lee, who talk about gaming while being sick, or lack thereof. Also, the crew talks more about Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, a few bad games, and mobile games as Brian prepares to move.

Games talked about in this episode are Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, Disintegration, Trails of Cold Steel III, The Forest, Zero Zero Zero Zero, 7th Sector, and more.

  • into  – 00:00
  • What are you playing? – 03:00
  • Brian joins the podcast – 07:27
  • NIS America stuff – 16:39
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 and Disintegration Open Betas – 20:52
  • Get to know your pixels – 31:09

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Thank you for listening, if you have any comments are suggestions please send brian and email at [email protected] to let him know, and maybe he’ll read it on the show.

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Azario Lopez

Hanging out max, relaxing all cool.