Noisy Pixel Podcast: Episode 0 – What The Hell Is Noisy Pixel

Hello and welcome to Episode 0 of the Noisy Pixel Podcast, a show hosted by the staff where we discuss a bunch of things that sometimes involve video games. This is a special episode where you can learn who we are and what we are doing with this website, at least we try to explain all that until we get sidetracked.

Noisy Pixel is a group of enthusiastic gamers who came together to share their enthusiasm for gaming in an enthusiastic way for gamers. Are you hooked yet? Well, we aren’t done! Noisy Pixel is more or less a place where we share our ideas and news about video game matters and the going on’s in the industry. We are gamers like you probably are, and so why not start our own site where we can openly criticize and share things that we are passionate about.

We thank you for checking us out and we hope you join on this crazy ride.

You can listen to our introduction episode now, you will also be able to subscribe to the podcast on podcast services soon:

This week’s hosts:

  • Azario Lopez
  • Brian Lee
  • Victor Aparicio
  • Jacob Kavanagh

The Noisy Pixel Podcast will be posted every Saturday for your listening pleasure.

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Azario Lopez

Hanging out max, relaxing all cool.