Noisy Pixel Patreon Now Live! Tiers, Goals & Details

We are thrilled to announce that the Noisy Pixel Patreon is now live!

This decision has not come lightly, as we have been discussing this avenue for quite some time, genuinely deliberating on if a Patreon really is the right call for our website’s and YouTube channel’s future. Ultimately, we decided that, as a team, it is the best course of action moving forward.

Firstly, we must emphasize and make it abundantly clear that none of our current content will be paywalled or face altered distribution in any way.

This Patreon has solely been made to support our website better, gain better recording equipment and allow us more creative freedom in the realm of video creation. Believe it or not, aside from two writers, Noisy Pixel has been purely voluntary since its founding. Therefore, our Patreon, if successful, will finally allow us to reward the efforts of our staff.

As for what our Patreon currently comprises, there are three tiers:

  • $1 – Grants Patrons a Monthly Newsletter containing compiled reviews, featured articles, opinion pieces, author biographies, and more.
  • $5 – In addition to the above, grants Patrons access to votes regarding Podcast topics, Spoilercasts, Streams, and more. When notable gaming events occur, such as PAX or E3, supporters of this level can share their opinions to be discussed on a video podcast. Additionally, Patrons will be included in the credits of our videos as “Supporters.”
  • $10 – In addition to the above, Patrons can submit reviews of video games to be shared on our website (200 – 600 words), which will be collectively published in a group editorial edited by our staff. Patrons of this tier will be included in the credits of our videos as “Producers.”

We also have three goals set based on how much money is received:

  • $500 – We’ll bring back the “Last Gen” video series, where we do a deep dive into a game or other media. Games covered will be voted on by our Patrons.
  • $750 – We’ll bring back the “What’s So Good About” series, where we discuss why we love a particular game.
  • $1,000 – Contract a new video editor, so Azario doesn’t have to edit every video. This will allow him and the team to be more creative and produce new features along with the launch of a new Podcast series. Additionally, Azario will academically dissect swimsuit DLC across various video games and explain why it matters.

Still, no worries if you are unable to support us financially. Simply sharing our videos and articles, following us on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribing to our YouTube channel are free, effective ways to aid our growth.

For more details about our Patreon, check out our official page.

Our video formally announcing our Patreon is below:

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