Little Goody Two Shoes Won’t Have a Sequel, But Developer is Looking Forward to Revealing Their Next Project

Developer AstralShift has certainly made a name for themselves with the release of Little Goody Two Shoes. Developed in Unity, Little Goody Two Shoes explores a twisted narrative coupled with an assortment of systems that dip into multiple adventure genres.

While based in the universe of AstralShift’s first game, Pocket Mirror, we had the opportunity to ask the team if they were planning on sticking to this series and exploring different narratives. However, co-director Kira responded, “We think Little Goody Two Shoes wraps up the story of Pocket Mirror in a cohesive and satisfying way, so now we’re ready to chart new territory!”

He continued to explain the team’s choice by adding context to the experience they’ve gained up to now, saying, “There are a million ideas and genres we’d love to explore going forward, and that’s what we hope to do in the near future! Pocket Mirror and Little Goody Two Shoes have established AstralShift as a professional game development team, and they’ve been priceless opportunities to learn much more intimately about the inner workings of the industry. Even more importantly, they’ve helped us learn a lot about ourselves and where we want to go in the future as creatives.”

When looking back on what the team has released, he adds, “These titles will always have a very special place in our hearts! But with that said, we can’t wait to expand our horizons and explore new ideas, which we hope to share with everyone in the near future!”

So, if you’re currently playing Little Goody Two Shoes or Pocket Mirror, and you’re enjoying yourself, I’m sure it’s safe to say you’ll be looking out for future announcements from this team.

We’ll share our full interview with AstralShift soon.

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The story follows Elise, a “cunning and ambitious lass who dreams of becoming filthy rich.” After finding shiny red shoes buried in her backyard, she ends up on a journey that brings her closer to the heart of the Woods. Her choice of risking her life for her dream or remaining affixed to her day-to-day life is ultimately left up to the player.

Players can anticipate a hand-painted fairy tale environment with 12 endings to achieve depending on one’s choices and actions, with Elise able to strengthen her bond with the villagers of Kieferberg. After all, it’s possible to be suspicious of witchcraft and be left to die out in the woods.

Players can also participate in brief minigames and explore the Woodlands at nighttime to learn its secrets, home to all manner of treacherous foes. Further, there is a day and night cycle one will need to be cognizant of to ensure Elise’s survival. Lastly, there are several bachelorettes to romance in Kieferberg, comprised of an all-female cast, each boasting date scenes and storylines.

Little Goody Two Shoes is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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