There Are Currently No Plans for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line to Get Final Fantasy XVI or Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Music

Recently Final Fantasy fansite Final Fantasy Union posted a video interview they conducted with Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Producer Ichiro Hazama and Director Masanobu Suzui about the recently released title and tangentially related facets.

One straightforward question asked the two staff members if there are any plans to include songs from Final Fantasy XVI or Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker as DLC for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. Hazama outright answered that they are not currently considering it, especially since they haven’t completed work on the DLC tracks that have already been confirmed. Before additional tracks are proposed for the game, Hazama wants the team to ensure that their currently delegated tasks are completed.

Further, he adds that for songs to get added to Theatrhythm, the team has to know the originating games well enough for the stages to portray them faithfully. This reasoning holds primarily true for Final Fantasy XVI, which, at least according to Hazama, they don’t know much more than what the general public knows. Granted, it is worth noting that he did not wholly deny the possibility of Final Fantasy XVI or Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker tracks arriving, but it’ll likely be quite a long while before we would hear news about such developments.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the title on PlayStation 4.

If you’re unsure about the game, there is a free demo on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch housing a total of 30 playable songs, with save data even transferable to the full release.

You can view the full video interview from Final Fantasy Union below. The question we have discussed has been timestamped.

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