No More Heroes 3 Logo Animation Looks Wildly Similar to Indie Studio’s FX Logo

Last night during The Game Awards 2019, Marvelous and Nintendo announced No More Heroes 3: The Return with a brand new trailer. However, Netherlands based animation studio, Studio Plumeau, was quick to point out that the logo animation resembles their FX animation pop up, which was created six years ago.

On the indie studio’s Vimeo page, the “Super Studio Plumeau Turbo” animation can be seen as uploaded six years ago and shows a beam of light that leads into the logo’s reveal. This animation resembles No More Heroes 3’s logo reveal almost frame for frame. To show this, the studio has released a video moving frames in their animation next to No More Heros 3’s animation and the resemblance is uncanny.

It seems the studio is making light of the situation in a tweet that adds, “Who do I bill for this?” But a large developer and publisher being accused of plagiarism is a huge deal in the industry and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Studio Plumeau adds that their animation was a hand-drawn animation and that no asset library was used and also that it has happened to them before, but not to this scale.

Hopefully, the animator gets a response from the publisher on these accusations, but be the judge for yourself in the comparison video below:

[UPDATE] Studio has contacted the animation studio and has discovered that the animation was purchased from Envato. This user was selling many other assets made from other FX artist along with the indie studio’s aforementioned animation.

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