No More Heroes 3 Coming 2021, No More Heroes 1 + 2 Out On Switch Today

In today’s Nintendo Partner Direct, Grasshopper Manufacture released a trailer. It was reinforced that No More Heroes 3 will be coming in 2021, as stated in a tweet from Suda 51, the game’s director, earlier last month. The trailer also showcased gameplay and a surprise announcement of No More Heroes 1 & 2, making the long-running rumor true.

In the trailer, Sylvia, Travis’ lover turned wife reintroduces the viewer to Travis Touchdown, the number one ranked assassin twice over and star of the unconventional hack and slash game. While the games before were fights for the top ranking between assassins, the steaks have been raised to make this a battle on a more galactic scale. The gameplay also shows the return of said hack and slash back into the series, including multiple beam katanas and his signature luchador wrestling finishers. And while it was just a single moment, Shinobu, Travis’ pupil turned assassin, makes a return as well.

The story for No More Heroes 3 seems to be that FU, from the trailer featured last year, has made his way to Earth and is looking to wreak havoc on our planet with all of his criminal friends. And Travis Touchdown has been tasked with eliminating all of them. It shouldn’t be a problem for the otaku assassin, especially with his new Henshin tech. What exactly it does is still unknown, but Travis Touchdown looks very flashy while putting his suit of armor on.

While, of course, No More Heroes 3 is a story all its own, Sylvia reassures the viewer that it’s always better when you’ve played the previous titles. So No More Heroes 1 and 2 are available on Nintendo Switch today.

Originally on the Wii, No More Heroes 1 and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle arrive with a load of enhancements, including HD textures, improved system font, additional language support, and more. They’re also available individually instead of in a bundle. Both titles also have a 10% discount off their $19.99 price through November 14.

While No More Heroes 3 will not hit the 2020 mark initially intended, there is still plenty to celebrate about being a No More Heroes fan in 2020.

You can watch the trailer below to see Travis in action for yourself:

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