No Man’s Sky Prisms Update Makes the Game Look Brand New

HelloGames has released a trailer detailing the new 3.5 update for No Man’s Sky named Prisms.

The trailer stated what was about to change, and most of them are updates to how the game looks. Highlights include hair and fur for animals, light refracting off of glass and liquids realistically, as well as the ground and other areas getting wet from the rain.

There was also a tiny detail about how flying creatures can now become pets and ridden. This should change the way you explore planets as flight is usually the fastest way to get around the planets, and not needing to depend on your ship for travel is a considerable change. Another small tidbit hiding in the patch notes is the ability to save tracks on the ByteBeat and allowing playback of these tracks. This allows the player to listen to music and create their own soundtrack for the game.

No Man’s Sky is looking to take advantage of the new generation of gaming by taking advantage of DLSS. This is, of course, only for compatible NVidia RTX graphics cards but seeing the changes in action makes the game look more affluent and impressive than ever before. The update has already dropped, so if you have the game, it’s worth checking back out and see what the universe has in store for you now.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In case you missed it, you can check the trailer out below.

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