NISA Announces Lapis・Re・Abyss as Lapis x Labyrinth for International Release on PS4 and Switch

NIS America revealed their plans to release the Nippon Ichi Software developed dungeon crawler RPG Lapis・Re・Abyss in the west as Lapis x Labyrinth on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch at an unannounced date. Lapis x Labyrinth launches in Japan on November 29.

Lapis x Labyrinth takes place in a small kingdom that has encountered low financial times. However, all hope is not lost since the kingdom just so happens to be sitting on a trove of treasure. Players will journey into the Labyrinth in search of all the riches they can carry with a customized crew of adventures. Furthermore, players will create a party size of up to 4 as they utilize the stacking mechanic to carry out attacks.

Party members each have different skills and abilities that can be used in battles. Battles are action based and feature lots of looting systems to fill up the player’s inventory.

NISA refrained from announcing which consoles they plan to release on in the west, so a PC version of the game is not totally out of the question.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below:

Author’s take: Nippon Ichi Software has a ton of indie-like titles that never make it to the west and they all seem life fast and quirky titles that could hold you off until the next big release. I’m excited about the art direction of Lapis x Labyrinth so I hope to learn more about the game’s details closer to release.

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