Nioh 2 Has a Great Character Creation System for Badass Wiafus

Nioh 2 Has a Great Character Creation System for Badass Wiafus

In gaming, we’ve all seen plenty of character customization systems and various features of various kinds. Some are limiting, while others let you get as in-depth as you’d like to create your perfect in-game avatar. When it comes to Nioh 2, the newest title from developer Team Ninja, we see that players will be able to express themselves fully in the game’s character customization offerings. One look at the game, and it’s clear that it features some gorgeous graphics across its character models and environments. However, what we’re most excited about is the waifus that fans are sure to create when the game officially launches.

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The character creation system allows players to choose the gender of the character. So right away, just turn that to female because that’s honestly the only option. From there, players are allowed to tweak the character’s posture, skin color, and face type. For the Open Beta, these options were limited, but these essential features are only the beginning of what the game offers.

When it comes to the face, players will be able to fine-tune every area of the face. From the character’s cheekbone height to their chin depth, everything is here for the player to get creative. The points that you’re editing are easily shown in the character model as it highlights the section of the character you are about to alter. It makes the experience even to navigate, given that there so many options available.

Changing the eyes are also options, but some features were limited in the open beta. However, players will be able to edit the eye’s iris and color to give the character and demonic appearance. As for more non-human alterations, players can change the color of the characters to white or even green. The options continue to allow players to add makeup to the character, which varies in terms of check, lipstick, and eyeliner. Each option can enable players to alter the color and capacity of them as well.

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When it comes to body edits, a few features were missing, such as the body markings, which are typically tattoos and muscularity, which highlights a character’s muscles. However, one feature that we can report was present is the chest editor. The armor and the mobility aren’t affected by the size of the character’s chest. This means that armor doesn’t look wonky or ill-fitted during gameplay, and the character can move just fine.

The voice can be changed along with the pitch, which is something new to me, but it allowed me to find a voice for my character. Also, during gameplay, players will be able to transform into a Yokai, and that can also be edited, although, in the open beta, the option wasn’t available.

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Nioh 2 has the foundation for a great character customization system that we can wait to see more of in the future. Expressing yourself through your in-game avatar is always something that we look forward to. So, it’s only natural that we hope to see new and unique ways that developers allow us to do that. Thankfully, Nioh 2 is doing all the right things in this department, and we will save our final judgment for when the game releases. As of right now, we’re all just excited to see the waifus that you all create.

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