Nintendo Switch Update Version 13.0.0 Finally Adds Bluetooth Audio Support, Dock Updating, and More

Nintendo has revealed update version 13.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch, which includes various improvements, most notably the long-awaited Bluetooth audio functionality. Finally, headphones, speakers, and other audio devices that support Bluetooth functionality can now be used on the Switch.

Further, the dock housing the Switch can now be updated oddly enough. However, this is only available for Switches with LAN ports, and this is not at all available for Nintendo Switch Lites.

The option to turn off a maintained internet connection during Sleep Mode has been added. Switches download data while in Sleep Mode already, so if one wants to save on data or the like, they can turn off this functionality in the System Settings menu. Additionally, controller calibration has been altered in the System Settings menu.

Lastly, users can now view whether their wireless internet connection uses the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency band. This can be checked in the Connection Status tab in the System Settings menu.

I’ll be honest, I completely forgot that the Switch did not have Bluetooth audio implementation, so this addition is wholeheartedly welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately, the Switch still lacks themes, but that’s at least not a practical necessity.

You can view the Nintendo Switch version 13.0.0 update notes on Nintendo’s official website.

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