Nintendo Adds Three New Retro Titles to Online Service in December, More Teased for January

Nintendo revealed three new games being added to Nintendo Switch Online on December 12, which will be regularly updated with new retro games for subscribers.

Nintendo Switch Members will gain access to:

  • Adventures of Lolo – After Lala is kidnapped by King Egger and taken to his castle, players must assume the role of Lolo as he ventures out to rescue her. Interestingly, this is more of a puzzle game (an extremely fun one at that) where players will move blocks and make their way through different rooms.
  • Ninja Gaiden – Players assume the role of Ryu Hayabusa in this brutal retro action platformer. Known for its story scenes, Ninja skills, and broken controllers, Ninja Gaiden will take players through 14 levels of enemies and boss battles.
  • Wario’s Woods – Hang out as toad as he picks up monsters and bombs and arranges them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally in order to clear the screen of enemies. With several modes to play and a nice puzzle loop similar to Dr. Mario, the game makes for a nice time spent.

Additionally, Nintendo states that more retro titles will be added in January of 2019.

The service is offered to subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online which is priced at one month for $3.99, three months for $7.99 or 12 months for $19.99.

Currently, there’s a free seven-day trial for new users.

Author’s take: Looks like it’s time for me to get my butt kicked in Ninja Gaiden again.

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