Nintendo Switch GBA Emulator Seemingly Leaked; Game List Comprises Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Golden Sun & More

Twitter user @trashbandatcoot has brought attention to a massive leak showcasing how Game Boy Advance emulation has been identified for the Nintendo Switch. They provide intricate proof and details, such as the Nintendo-developed GBA emulator being called Sloop and the team revolving around the attached software.

Additional context for these discoveries can be read via the well-worded tweet thread below. In addition, file names are divulged, and footage is linked, though the latter has been taken down.

Then, Twitter user @Mondo_Mega provided a list of the Game Boy Advance games Nintendo tested for this potential service. It is absolutely worth acknowledging that titles being tested don’t equate to them receiving official releases, but a few games are worth bringing up, like Fire Emblem and Golden Sun. Even Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was tested, which is personally highly unexpected.

Several screenshots of some of these games have been provided, too, so the authenticity of such a Game Boy Advance-related service occurring seems more probable. But, of course, don’t take any of these apparent discoveries as confirmation unless Nintendo makes an official announcement.

The list of tested Game Boy Advance games is viewable below:

Nintendo GBA

There’d be an almost overwhelming mountain of possible titles to play if a Gameboy Advance library gets added to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Still, considering Nintendo’s gradual rollout of games for these services, I’d be wary of having notably high expectations. Regardless, more retro game accessibility is always appreciated, so let’s hope these developments point toward that occurring in the near future.

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