Nintendo Switch eShop Sale Discounts Otome Games; Code: Realize, Collar X Mallice, Piofiore & More

Yesterday, we covered the main first-party and third-party discounts from the currently ongoing Hyper Max sale, but as I was browsing through the over 500 games that were listed, I couldn’t help but notice that there were some otome games among the discounts. And we’re almost in July, with summer shining right on, so if you’re looking to date some hot boys this season, what better to do it than enjoy some otome game shopping?

As such, we’ve compiled some of the otome game sales in this handy list, so you can find your next otome title to play (or add to your ever growing backlog):

The next otome game to come west is Jack Jeanne, by publisher Aksys Games.

In Jack Jeanne, aspiring actress Kisa is given a chance to attend the famous Univeil Drama School, an elite drama school for male actors, where students play female roles (referred to as “Jeanne” roles) in addition to male roles (referred to as “Jack” roles). However, to maintain her enrollment, she must land a starring role in the school’s play at the end of the year, and hide the fact that she’s a female. These will undoubtedly be challenging tasks, but maybe Kisa will learn more about herself and those she befriends during this time of profound internal strife. Jack Jeanne will come exclusively to Nintendo Switch on June 15, 2023.

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