Nintendo Reportedly Showed Developers the Switch 2 at Gamescom

Recently, the internet has been enamored with the idea of the successor to Nintendo’s Switch console, dubbed Switch 2 by fans, as every week saw new predictions and leaks for the console. Nintendo, however, seems ready to do away with the rumors as reports have come that developers were recently able to see the new console at Gamescom.

This tech demo saw a beefed-up version of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (a launch title for the original Switch) to showcase the specs of the new hardware. This doesn’t mean that the launch of the Switch 2 will see Breath of the Wild launching alongside it. Instead, it’s a good metric to show where the power is going to show a game that pushed the original Switch to its limits.

As of the time of writing, Nintendo has not stated anything about a release date or official name for the console. However, demos of the console are supposedly being held for key partners, leaving many to speculate that a release announcement could be happening soon.

Alongside Nintendo recently announcing Super Mario Bros Wonder, a port of Luigi’s Mansion 2, and a new Princess Peach game, among other titles, the release of the Switch 2 may come later rather than sooner. It is clear that Nintendo is looking forward to switching it up in the future.

Read the full Eurogamer report here.

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