Nintendo Posts Beginner Guide for New Pikmin Fans

When starting a new series, it isn’t always clear where you should start or even where to start. Well, Nintendo has us covered with their intro guide to the Pikmin series. This guide was released today to honor the recent release of Pikmin 4 and will be split into two parts, the first of which is a general overview of what the Pikmin series actually is.

The first question answered is whether or not newcomers will need to play any other game in the series prior to this release. The answer, of course, was no. Pikmin 4 is a perfect introduction to the series for most newcomers, though the original games are also available on the Switch. The post is full of other little tidbits to help anybody with anxiety to start a new series and overcome it.

If this post doesn’t convince you fully, you can always check out our review of Pikmin 4.

In Pikmin 4, you customize your explorer and lead the charge daily to find your crew and fix the Rescue Corps ship, the S.S. Shepherd. Lead your squad through vast explorable areas to find treasures, discover new paths, and battle enemies of all sizes.

You can also direct the Pikmin to collect and carry helpful resources for your mission. Furthermore, you can also get help from a second player in the Story mode. Using an on-screen pointer, your co-op buddy can throw pebbles at enemies to stun them and unleash valuable items in your inventory.

Pikmin 4 is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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