Mech Action Game ‘Nimbus Infinity’ Announced for Consoles and PC

Mech Action Game ‘Nimbus Infinity’ Announced for Consoles and PC

GameTomo revealed that they will continue creating mech action games by revealing Nimbus Infinity, in development for unspecified consoles and PC.

Nimbus Infinity takes place during the even of the year 2100. Since the last war, humanity has been divided as some left to outer space and built colonies. Under the command of the CFN government, the warring faction of Earth has been united. The use of mechs for battle and the need for elite pilots with the ability to create neural links with the mechs have vanished. However, at the end of 2099, a man named Taiyo Iwata is introduced to his destiny, which might just save the world.

During gameplay, players will be able to enter a mech and freely move around a map full of enemies. Players will need to use the abilities and arsenal of the mech to get through tough encounters and complete mission objectives. The game also focuses on the story of Taiyo, who meets a girl named Luna Campbell, and the two of them are trust into some high action situations that they probably weren’t prepared for.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of the development of Nimbus Infinity.

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You can watch the reveal trailer below:

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