Nihon Falcom Acknowledges Lengthy Trails Localization Wait Times; Desires Improved Pacing

Following last night’s barrage of Nihon Falcom-related news, the developer answered a question from a user on Twitter, @michsuzu, regarding the wait times between localized releases. For those unaware, the West is severely behind on Trails games, with us currently being 2 games behind (5 if one counts Nayuta, and both Crossbell titles), and with the current pace of localization, the earliest year we’ll likely get Kuro no Kiseki is 2024.

After all, Trails from Zero is getting localized next year, with Trails to Azure, The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie following in 2023. Additionally, the sequel to Kuro no Kiseki was announced last night and is releasing in Japan next year, creating a further gap between Japan and the West.

Falcom responded with the user’s query stating that they desire swifter localized releases, but circumstances make that difficult, such as how text-heavy the games are. RPGSite covered this question, so credit to them and view their article for the response details.

Personally, while not getting Kuro no Kiseki, its sequel, and Reverie in the West for a few years is undeniably unfortunate, I’m also thankful that localization speed is improving at the rate it is. We’re getting 4 Trails game localizations across the next 2 years, which would have been an unprecedented thought even to have just a few years ago. I perfectly understand the frustration with having to wait multiple years for game localizations since I experienced the wait for Trails in the Sky: SC firsthand. However, maybe it’s because of that experience that I am not as vexed as others are.

I am not saying it’s wrong to feel annoyed by these spaced-out releases between Japan and the West, but I also think it’s important to note just how lucky we are to receive 4 game localizations across the next 2 years. And, hey, who knows? Maybe changes will be made to the localization process to make games come over faster. I won’t be holding my breath, though.

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