Nights With a Cat 2 Review – Probably the Best Gift for a Cat Lover

Nights With a Cat 2 Review – Probably the Best Gift for a Cat Lover

Cat owners are a special breed of people. While each cat is different, its owners seem to adore them to no end as they assume their cat is the most special. Nights With a Cat 2 from author Kyuryu Z might not have its strength lie in the plot department, but what it does do is connect to anyone who has ever come in contact with a cat. Further, the story takes the point of view of a non-cat owner, which makes it just that much more accessible.

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Nights With a Cat 2 continues the adventure of Fuuta and his sister’s cat, Kyuruga. The story is told across many chapters made up of only a few pages, but each hits home in one way or another to what it’s like living with a cat. As Fuuta becomes accustomed to living with Kyuruga, he documents the funny and strange things the cat does. The two become closer through these chapters, or do they? Cats seem to have a way of loving you and hating you simultaneously, which is on full display.

The quirky and charming Kyuruga is such a good friend in his own way. It’s great to see how the pair’s relationship grows and how Fuuta learns to live with a cat. It’s a time that all cat owners remember, but with Fuuta being new to the job, we get to experience it all from a newcomer’s perspective. It works so well in execution as I read and re-read chapters to reflect on the memories I’ve had with my cat.

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The illustrations are unique in their regard. Kyuryu Z uses sketch-like illustrations to convey the adventures of Fuuta and Kyuruga. It works well to highlight some of the comedic moments, which works in a way to provide readers with a pleasant child-like experience. This can also convey some more emotional moments with a cat, whether sad or happy. Each panel also features some color to make particular objects pop, which works well with the harsh pen strokes found in each panel.

What’s excellent about Nights With a Cat 2 is how you can pick it up and turn to any chapter for a quick laugh. It seems to be a coffee table book without knowing it, but I don’t see myself putting this away. It’s just so charming and easy to read if I need to turn my mood around. I sat with the book for a few days and re-read it five times. I don’t know what it is, but I connected well with each chapter.

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Nights With a Cat 2 is a cozy time, and will gladly live on your coffee table to experience it over and over or give your guests something to flip through. It understands cat owners and the relationships that they have with their pets. From the quirky to the frustrating daily lives of cats and their owners, Fuuta and Kyuruga will capture your heart in every chapter.

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