Visual Novel ‘Nightmare x Onmyoji: Paradox of Forbiddance’ Gets English Release Date

MangaGamer announced that the Guilty-developed eroge visual novel will launch on PC via MangaGamer on March 23, 2023.

Nightmare x Onmyoji tells the story of a young girl called Kuon Katsuragi. She may look like your average student, but she’s actually an onmyoji fighting against specters who possess helpless people alongside her father. She’s voiced by Sena Yuzuki, who also worked as Mizusaki Kaori in Taimanin Asagi.

As girls from her town start mysteriously disappearing, Kuon searches for clues of their whereabouts. She’ll count on the help of three friends who work in similar circumstances in other regions. These people are Setsuna Shindo, Yuka Shindo, and Toma Kitagawa, all of which come from Nightmare x Sisters. Meanwhile, her father will pursue another lead.

However, as all of them are surrounded by the perpetrators of the crimes, Kuon will have to gather her resolve to fight the people using specters for their evil deeds. What awaits her in Nightmare x Onmyoji is a tale with many action and hardcore adult scenes.

It’s the second in the Nightmare series following Nightmare x Sisters – Sacrifice of Lust-Hell, which MangaGamer released in English on November 17, 2022.

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