Spiritual Successor to Clock Tower Series ‘NightCry’ Gets Vita Release Date

Playism announced that the Nude Maker developed retro horror adventure NightCry will launch on PlayStation Vita on January 31.

NightCry is the spiritual successor to the horror adventure series Clock Tower. Originally released on PC in 2016, NightCry tells the story of a group of characters enjoying their time on a cruise liner. However, things begin to take a strange turn when a murder brings a relaxing vacation to a halt. As panic grows, people start pointing fingers only to realize that a man with scissors is the one terrorizing the passengers.

Gameplay in NightCry has the players point-and-click their way through rooms as they search for a way to progress the narrative and escape death at the hands of the Scissor Walker. The game features PlayStation era graphics and light puzzle mechanics as players find their way through the ship and uncover the mystery. During Exploration Mode, players will seek out answers, but without warning, players will be haunted Scissor Walker and they must run and find a place to hide.

Currently, the game holds Mixed reviews on its Steam page with most negative reviews pointing out the game’s controls and graphics.

You can watch the new PlayStation Vita trailer below:

Author’s take: I loved Clock Tower on PlayStation, count me in!

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