Drive Through a Neo-Noir Murder Mystery in ‘Night Call’ on Xbox One and PC Next Month

Night Call, a neo-noir narrative-driven investigation game co-developed by Monkey Moon and Black Muffin Studio and published by Raw Fury, is driving over to Xbox-via Xbox Game Pass and PC-via Steam on July 17.

Via a press release, it mentions that the developers have been working hard on making the release date a reality and making the game the best it can be, as the press release states the following: “The developers have been meticulously creating the deep, personal stories of every passenger in-game as well as the beautiful noir aesthetic that brings modern day Paris to life in preparation for its launch in a few weeks.”

Night Call has you take on the role of a not-so-ordinary taxi driver in Paris as you end up getting looped into helping solve a murder mystery. You see, the problem is is that there’s a serial killer on the loose and you were the last person seen with the most recent victim. The police suspect that you are, indeed, the killer, which leads you to having to prove your innocence by getting information from passengers in order to find the real killer, or else, you’ll be the one held responsible for everything. To make matters more difficult, you still need to make enough money to pay all your bills. It’s easy to say that Night Call isn’t going to be your usual joy ride, by any means.

As a taxi driver, you’ll be meeting 70+ new and interesting characters (in this case, passengers), each having their own distinct stories and backgrounds. Night Call’s true gameplay comes into play here as you’ll be chatting it up with every passenger via a choice-based dialogue system, which lets you decide how to interact with each passenger. These conversations you have are especially important as they can get you the clues and info you need to help you pinpoint the killer.

There will be plenty of tough decisions to make in Night Call, so it’s your call on how you want things to go in each playthrough. With multiple endings, every ride you take through Night Call could end up differently as one guilty suspect in one playthrough could become completely innocent in the next — meaning that this isn’t quite a linear game.

Experience the stunning neo-noir sights of Paris in Night Call with the trailer and screenshots below:

In case you missed it, read our preview of the game, or watch it.

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