NieR Re[in]carnation “Chilled Out Arrangement Tracks” CD Available for Pre-Order

Square Enix has announced that a new NieR Re[in]carnation soundtrack CD titled “Chilled Out Arrangement Tracks” is available for pre-order via their various storefronts.

The 9 songs’ titles, composers, and arrangers are listed below, while previews can be listened to on the official website.

  • Tōriame (Fleeting Shower) Arranged by Yukihiro AtsumiComposer: Shotaro Seo / Arranger: Yukihiro Atsumi
  • Ikō (Authority) Arranged by tomisiro feat. DJ SynthesizerComposer: Keiichi Okabe / Arranger: tomisiro feat. DJ Synthesizer
  • Inori (Prayers) Arranged by ermhoiComposer: Keiichi Okabe / Arranger: ermhoi
  • Gōgan (Arrogance) Arranged by Christian GulinoComposer: Keiichi Okabe / Arranger: Christian Gulino
  • Shinpan (Judgment) Arranged by Shun IshiwakaComposer: Keiichi Okabe / Arranger: Shun Ishiwaka
  • Kaikyō (Homesick) Arranged by Fred EverythingComposer: Keiichi Okabe / Arranger: Fred Everything
  • Kyūsai (Aid) Arranged by Hiro-a-keyComposer: Keiichi Okabe / Arranger: Hiro-a-key
  • Sabigoe (Dignified Voice) Arranged by Sapphire SlowsComposer: Shotaro Seo / Arranger: Sapphire Slows
  • Aun (Breathe) Arranged by yuki kawamuraComposer: Keiichi Okabe / Arranger: yuki kawamura

Fans can pre-order this release via Square Enix North America for $34.99 and Square Enix Europe for €21.99. Both regional stores also provide a general August 2022 shipment window. Several Japanese store links are accessible too.

Further, the soundtrack will be digitally launched via iTunes on August 3, 2022, for $11.61.

Lastly, the first prints will arrive with the following jacket illustration by Momojiru:

NieR Re[in]carnation introduces a girl who wakes up in a mysterious, eerie environment. Guided only by a creature known as “Mama,” the girl sets out to get back what was lost and atone for her sins. Inside what is known as the Cage, she will find her answers.

During gameplay, players will battle monsters using a turn-based command screen. In addition, there’s equipment that can be found and customized across your party with an auto-mode option that attacks enemies. The game is aimed to be easy to play, even for those who are not good at games.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the first entry’s remake, Replicant.

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