NieR: Automata Steam Version Receiving Upgrade Patch

The official English Twitter account for the NieR series has announced that the Steam port of NieR: Automata will be receiving a free upgrade. The specificities of this upgrade and the release date for it are unknown at the moment.

The Steam port of NieR: Automata is incredibly controversial due to its lack of polish and optimization in the Game Pass PC version. Fans have made their distaste for the Steam port known by the most recent reviews for the title being mostly negative.

Personally, I am quite glad that they are finally giving this port its long due diligence, as seeing the differences between this and the Game Pass PC are embarrassingly steep. Additionally, with the NieR Replicant remake making its way relatively soon, beefing up this port of Automata is an acute mood. However, it really should have been done far sooner, given how persistent and numerous this negative feedback has been.

I also hope that this leads to Square fixing their other problematic Steam ports, such as a good number of the Final Fantasy titles. That is a tad of a lofty hope, I admit, but I am still holding out hope such a miracle does occur.

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