Players Will Use Treats and Timed Actions to Catch Monsters in Nexomon: Extinction

PQube released new details for the Vewo Interactive-developed monster-catching RPG Nexomon: Extinction on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on August 28.

The publisher has outlined how players will catch Nexon in battle. After weakening the creature, players will throw sweets that increase the chances of a successful catch. Next, they’ll throw a trap and then cast a spell that requires timed button presses in the form of a mini-game. It’s more interactive than simply throwing a ball, but we aren’t really sure how it will work across many battles.

The publisher launched other trailers revealing some of the characters that players will meet. The game is meant to be light-hearted with a sense of humor, so expect that on the journey. Furthermore, the game has you joining the Tamer’s Guild to explore the world and fight against the Tyran Nexomon who threatens the world. While exploring, players will encounter side-quests and material gathering opportunities.

Nexomon: Extinction features over 300 Nexomon to catch as players explore a large 2D words. The battle system is turn-based and features eleven elemental types. Also, the environments range from deserts, forest, to snowfields with Nexomon that fit the various climates. Lastly, the game’s story focuses on a lighthearted tale of a hero just trying to save the world and companion who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

You can watch the trailer below:

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