New Ys X Info; Younger Adol Potentially Around I & II Games Age, Souls-like Inspirations & More

New information regarding the next upcoming Ys title, Ys X has been shared via reliable Japanese insider ryokutya2089. The following primary points have been stated.

Thanks to Falcom community member Hansuke for translating the following facets.

  • Adol looks like a young boy, around the age of Ys I & II.
  • “A woman who looks to be the main heroine is shown. Uses a one-handed ax. Their arms are connected by an aura-shaped string/cord.”
  • 1 versus 1 combat is a focus, with huge changes to the party member switching mechanic and weapon attributes. Personally, this seems akin to Ys VI, though it isn’t entirely certain yet.
  • Souls-like inspirations are stated, but not overt.

NOTE: Bullet points below are direct Famitsu coverage, as opposed to the above:

New official art has been shared, viewable below:


Kondo: I can’t say which platforms that it will be on, but we wanted a wide range of users to enjoy the game, and lowering Adol’s age may be a part of that goal. We are working on various of platforms for its release.

Our team’s Ryuji translated the following points:

  • Falcom wants to make older Ys titles playable on current hardware.
  • Mentions an emphasis on providing new gameplay, as well as new scenarios, actions, and systems.
  • The title will take place in Eresia, though the writer of the Famitsu article paints this as speculation.
  • Kondo’s favorite Ys track is “To Make the End of Battle”
  • Kondo emphasizes that Ys X is not a full-on Souls-like, as there is simply inspiration taken from the genre
  • Kondo recommends any Ys game for newcomers. Later games like Ys VIII and IX are explicitly stated and shouldn’t be intimidating because they’re standalone.
  • Similar to Nayuta’s Switch release, Kondo wants to make older Ys games playable on modern hardware.
  • Ys X’ story will not be centered around the Romun Empire
  • The Party Member system where you change characters and weapon attributes (Slash, Pierce & Strike) at will has received major changes, though it hasn’t yet been elaborated how
  • Kondo heavily implies a multiplatform release.
  • Adol will be around 17 years old, his age during Ys 1 & 2
  • Trivia – Dark Fact from Ys 1 took Kondo an extensive amount of time to debug. He began at 9 AM one day, and he still couldn’t beat him at 10 PM.  He went to the programming team to tell them it was too hard. EDIT: This story applies to the Eternal version.
  • Aside from Adol, Kondo’s favorite Ys character is Feena

Hansuke translated the following points:

  • Ys X may take place in the equivalent of Northern Europe/UK, as stated by Kondo. The plot will have more of a focus on areas not shown in previous titles.
  • Kondo teases that Ys porting projects are already under development, though specific games are not yet stated.


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