New Update for ‘Neverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth’ Lets You Be a Fearless, Katana-Wielding Heroine

Another Indie announced that the CreAct Games developed action-RPG Neverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth has a massive new update that brings a fearless, katana-wielding heroine, named “Proud Aspirant.”

Like the other heroines (Valkyries) in the game, she too faces the task of returning the universe to balance and restoring Valhalla to its former glory. With her trusty katana, she has a unique set of abilities that are unleashed with elegance and poise. In addition to her katana, she can carry two weapons, Freeze Bomb and Energy Mead, and three jewels — which are all a part of the new update.

Speaking of the update, here’s everything that’s included in it:

  • Customized control settings and Keybindings
  • User Interface prompts will change with different controller/keyboard
  • Totem tutorial (a feature to fine-tune your stats and abilities)
  • Small adjustments to the Totem User Experience
  • Japanese localization
  • A new skill for Cultist Mentor boss
  • One New Grace Ability

Inspired by games like Dark Souls and BloodborneNeverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth has been available via Steam Early Access since April 30. The game is a single-player experience that tells the story of Valkyries who have been recruited to rebuild Valhalla after Ragnarok left it in ruins.

Go ahead and learn a little bit more about the new Valkyrie, Proud Aspirant, by checking out the character reveal trailer. But, after doing that, spend some time with the Cultist Mentor boss and see its new skill in action.

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