New Official Trails Lore Video Summates Stigmas, Gralsritter & Merkabah

Nihon Falcom has shared another lore video for the Trails series, this time summating the Gralsritter, Merkabah, and Stigmas. Now, while the words of this video don’t spoil anything, there are a few visuals that spoil particular character and narrative elements. Therefore, it’s best to avoid viewing the following video (including the thumbnail) until one has at least beaten The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.

You can view a translation of this video’s contents below, courtesy of our team’s Ryuji. The narration is performed by René, a character from Kuro no Kiseki:

René: Dominion. The title given to the twelve individuals who form the council of special knights who lead the Gralsritter of the Septian Church.

It is believed that in order to attain such rank, you must have what is known as a Stigma. A Stigma is a special engraving that allows each member to tap into a kind of supernatural power, raising their physical and magical abilities.

By using special operation aircrafts known as Merkabah, they perform special investigations which consist of the retrieval and sealing of ancient Zemurian artifacts.

You can view the latest Trails lore video below:

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