New Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Merchandise Suggests Sequel in the Works; Maybe? Hopefully? Perhaps?


The official Nihon Falcom store page for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of their action JRPG Tokyo Xanadu eX+ has been updated with a rather…interesting item; a B6 Ring Notebook.

What makes this product immensely noteworthy is its cover, as it has two silhouettes of characters I don’t recognize after comparing them to renders from the first game. Additionally, the bottom of the cover, pretty forebodingly, asks, “You remember what Rem said, don’t you?”

And if all that wasn’t enough, the item’s description on its store page describes it with the following:

“The Tokyo Earthquake, the Morimiya Otherworldly Incident, and…”

Several signs here point to some sort of new significant development in the works for Tokyo Xanadu. To theorize what’s happening here, let’s briefly discuss the question on the book’s cover. What exactly did Rem say?

Well, at the end of the epilogue story segment in Tokyo Xanadu eX+, Rem speaks to the protagonist Kou Tokisaka regarding the final words of the Twilight Apostle. So why did the Tokyo Twilight Disaster even happen, and what caused the Twilight Apostle to appear at all?

Rem teasingly confirms that she knows why that event occurred and why the Apostle appeared in Tokyo since she is an “Observer.” Everything happened as it was supposed to, though even she could not predict the incident that transpired.

Rem explicitly states the following:

“I wonder if [the recent incident] signals the coming of a true “beginning”…In this world… Or perhaps it’s even possible “something” will be happening somewhere else…keep in mind there will be a time when you will have to “choose” yet again. And when that time does come, what course of action you humans decide upon– I’ll be there watching. And I await the day there’s an “answer.””

Of course, this is all pretty vague, but it definitely smells of sequel bait, and with the multiple hints on this single piece of merchandise, perhaps a sequel announcement will come sooner rather than later.

You can view the Tokyo Xanadu eX+ B6 Ring Notebook below. It’s worth noting that this design may not be final:

falcomshopsp 0331

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ will launch for Nintendo Switch in Japan on June 29, 2023. There is currently no word on whether a Western release will occur.

For those unaware of this underrated entry, it’s disconnected from Falcom’s prominent Trails and Ys franchises. Instead, it takes place in a new setting called Morimiya City with a brand-new cast.

The title was initially only available on PlayStation Vita before receiving an enhanced port on PlayStation 4 dubbed eX+, adding new story and gameplay content. This version would then be ported to PC via Steam from publisher Aksys Games.

Gameplay features action combat, more akin to the Zwei duology, and inspired by the Ys games. Characters are swappable mid-combat, all boasting distinct properties and special skills for variety. Moreover, there is a social sim aspect where the protagonist, Kou, can hang out with his friends and acquaintances to raise bond levels.

Falcom has also confirmed that this version will include all of the game’s DLC from previous platforms, as well as Turbo Mode. Further, the controls, based on the PlayStation 4 iteration, have been optimized for the Switch, but specifics have not been elucidated.

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