New The World Ends With You Related Countdown Website Released

There is a mysterious new The World Ends With You related countdown website that as of now, ends in about 5 days. Very little is known of what this countdown is intended to reveal. Many believe that it is not related to the upcoming anime since this new countdown website does not link to the anime at all.

The website plays a BGM that is simply called “BGM ver. 20201118”, which seemingly translates to the current date in Japan right now, November 18, 2020.

Also of note, the Twitter account for Square Enix’s 1st Development Division has changed their profile picture to the iconic player pin symbol from The World Ends With You. Their header page for their Twitter account has also changed, with it being an extremely vague black mass with 2 notable blue sections. It looks like it could be be buildings maybe, but personally, it looks like a butterfly.

Nintendo Dream conducted an interview with Tetsuya Nomura last month, one of the main producers and the character designer of The World Ends With You. In that interview, Nomura stated that he thought they would meet again in the near future, possibly implying that another title of his is coming to the Nintendo Switch, aside from Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Regardless, there is a large amount of speculation at the moment, with nothing substantial to decode what is going on here. This very well could be the much anticipated The World Ends With You sequel that many fans have been craving, or it could just be something incredibly underwhelming. Either way, we will just have to wait out these next few days to see what this countdown has in store for us.

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