New ‘The Medium’ Trailer Showcases The DualSense’s Immersive and Game-Changing Capabilities

The official PlayStation Youtube channel has uploaded a new overview video for the psychological horror adventure, The Medium. This trailer specifically hones in on DualSense’s capabilities for the title’s PlayStation 5 version.

The protagonist, Marianne, possesses unique psychic abilities. One such ability allows her to shoot out a magical force dubbed ‘Spirit Blast’. Thanks to the DualSense’s adaptive triggers, there will be less resistance the longer this Blast is charged up.

When using the ‘Spirit Shield,’ another tool of Marianne’s arsenal, haptic feedback allows players to feel dozens of swarming bats and other creatures from the confines of their DualSense controller. Haptic Feedback also tells players how Marianne’s breath level is doing during stealth segments, providing an undeniably more intricate sense of tension.

Echoes, “shreds of past events,” are found when examining key objects from the investigated environments, and the touchpad can be used to peruse each nook and cranny of these items carefully.

The controller speakers emit environmental sounds, too, an appreciated immersive touch. Lastly, the DualSense’s light bar acts as a representation of the flashlight Marianne uses in-game. This light flashes in the vicinity of monsters, so this meta-inclusion via the controller acts as an enhanced gateway for players to be acutely aware of their surroundings.

You can view the entirety of the DualSense Overview trailer for The Medium below:

The Medium is releasing for PlayStation 5 on September 3, 2021. Additionally, the title is already available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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