New Tales of Luminaria Trailer Highlights Playable Cast of the Gildllan Empire

New Tales of Luminaria Trailer Highlights Playable Cast of the Gildllan Empire

The official Tales of Youtube channel shared a new trailer for the upcoming Tales of Luminaria yesterday, highlighting the various playable characters part of the Gildllan Empire. While brief, each character’s general personality shines through distinct lines of dialogue.

You can view the Gildllan Empire trailer for Tales of Luminaria below:

If you missed them, check out each of the revealed character introduction trailers for the title below:

An anime for this game is being produced by Kamikaze Douga in a distribution partnership with Funimation. Each of the 21 characters has received their own renders and their English voice actors/actresses.

Check out our coverage for the first information broadcast of the game. A slew of new information was revealed, such as the character factions, gameplay mechanics, footage of the unexpected portrait mode design decision, and much more.

Tales of Luminaria will tell an original story with an action-focused battle system developed by COLOPL, Inc. Mobile games have opted to bring older characters in a reunion-type of experience in the past, but this game will feature new characters. Further, this title will be played in portrait mode, and players can freely move around the battlefield to attack enemies. This seems similar to a typical Tales console experience, and we’re looking forward to learning more about it.

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