New Unknown “Superpowers x Academy RPG” Teased for Switch, PS4 & PS5; We Know Literally Nothing

New Unknown “Superpowers x Academy RPG” Teased for Switch, PS4 & PS5; We Know Literally Nothing

So, a new teaser trailer for an unknown RPG has been released by a currently unknown company. The video is quite vague, supposedly containing a cryptic message that must be decoded, which some viewers have already done.

According to Twitter user @Renka_schedule, the message translates to ” XIRTACIC,” which, when read backwards, reads ” CICATRIX,” the medical term for scars. More specifically speaking, pasting “繧キ繧ォ繝医Μ繧ケ” from the video into this Mojibake decoder will output “#シカトリス,” which reads Cicatrix.

From what I’ve been told by friends who can speak Japanese, Mojibake is a string of gibberish characters due to how Japanese is rendered on computers. This is all very beyond me as someone unfamiliar with the Japanese language, so I’m not entirely sure how any of this works.

Additionally, the title’s tagline roughly translates to “Superpowers x Academy RPG.” Thanks to our team’s Ryuji for confirming that.

Besides those facets and the confirmed platforms of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, users can follow the mysterious game’s official Twitter account for future updates.

The currently sole revealed piece of artwork is quite fantastic, but that’s about all we can say. We’ll definitely keep you all updated on this seemingly ambitious project. If I had to guess, I suppose this could be a new Idea Factory or NIS game. That’s purely baseless speculation, though.

You can view the unknown RPG’s teaser trailer below:

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