New Super Lucky’s Tale Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date

Playful Studios has announced that their adventure platformer New Super Lucky’s Tale will launch on Nintendo Switch on November 8.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is the definitive Lucky experience that has been rebuilt from the ground up along with new content and features to bring to Switch owners. While the game is not exactly 2017’s Super Lucky’s Tale, it will feature recognizable characters on a brand new adventure.

The game has been developed as a love letter to classic 3D platformers and features many items to collect around its levels. Additionally, the game features secret areas as well as many new characters to interact with. Players are able to take down enemies using various acrobatics and also burrow deep underground to open new ways of exploration and puzzle-solving.

The story of New Super Lucky’s Tale follows Lucky as he is drawn into the magical Book of Ages, which the Guardian Order has tried to keep safe from the mysterious villain known as Jinx. On his quest to return home, Lucky ends up discovering that he has a connection to the Guardians. Throughout his journey, he will encounter a new group of friends and adversaries and hopefully, he will find the strength to defeat Jinx.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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