New Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Footage Tributes & Parallels Iconic Final Fantasy I Shot

During today’s Final Fantasy 35th anniversary live stream, Square Enix revealed new in-game footage paying tribute to the original Final Fantasy game. This footage ends with Jack, Ash, Jed, and Neon overlooking a hill, mirroring the iconography of the very first Final Fantasy. This visage is in the hallmark realms of remembrance for Final Fantasy, having been referenced in several prior titles. Seeing it directly paid tribute to in the upcoming Stranger of Paradise is pretty damn wild.

You can view this newly revealed footage via the anniversary stream at its appropriate timestamp, or via the official Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Twitter account below:

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on March 18, 2022.

In case you missed it, check out our preview of the game’s most recent demo. Moreover, Square Enix and Team Ninja have revealed new characters and screenshots for the game earlier today.

New locations include the Western Keep, Crystal Mirage, and Flying Fortress. Event scenes are also shared showing the group fighting Tiamat and Sophia holding the black crystal.

Sophia was introduced, a warrior who has the same conviction as Jack to defeat chaos, and she joins the group at some point. Then there is Astos, the king of the dark elves, who knows the location of the crystals.

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