New Rune Factory 3 Special Trailer Introduces 11 Bachelorettes

Marvelous has shared a new trailer for Rune Factory 3 Special, showcasing each of the bachelorettes that the player can meet and marry on their journey of reclaiming Micah’s past.

The game boasts an impressive eleven characters to woo, and that can be daunting for those who have never played before. This trailer shows each girl so players can choose their favorite before the game releases in September.

The Bachelorettes are as follows:

  • Shara: The Flower shop’s Owner’s Grand Daughter who finds Micah.
  • Raven: A quiet and shy blacksmith who would rather mine than socialize.
  • Marian: The quirky witch and doctor in training.
  • Collette: The aspiring chef with an appetite to match her cooking abilities.
  • Carmen: The tomboy fisher.
  • Pia: The bath house assistant who hates squid
  • Daria: The eccentric artist who loves rainbows.
  • Sakuya: The adventurous and well-traveled daughter of the innkeeper.
  • Sofia: The spoiled rich girl of the title.
  • Karina: The lazy general store clerk can be found napping frequently.
  • Kuruna: The proud leader of the Univir settlement.

These marriage candidates previously received profiles.

Check out the new Rune Factory 3 Special trailer below:

Rune Factory 3 Special is an enhanced port of the original DS title, where players can explore dungeons, raise animals, grow crops, socialize, and fall in love. This entry follows Micah, a youth suffering from amnesia, who can turn into a golden sheep-like monster called a wooly. Micah must now reclaim his past as he attempts to piece together why he was traveling in the first place.

Rune Factory 3 Special releases September 5 on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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