New Pokemon Snap Reveals April Release Date in New Trailer; Still No Todd in Sight

Nintendo announced that The Pokemon Company-developed photo adventure, New Pokemon Snap, will launch on Nintendo Switch on April 30.

The publisher also released a new trailer that highlights the locations and Pokemon that players will be able to take pictures of on this adventure. The Pokemon list seems to be growing significantly, but I think what stands out is the weather effects on some of the settings. Seeing Pokemon in mist or fog or during sunset just looks so much better than it did on N64, but I digress.

One thing I should mention is that I don’t see Todd, the protagonist of the first adventure anywhere. However, it seems that players will choose the gender of their character for this entry.

New Pokemon Snap is being developed by Banai Namco and is based on the 1999 Nintendo 64 release, Pokemon Snap. During gameplay, players will enter a vehicle that is on rails and slowly make their way through a Pokemon environment.

New Pokemon Snap takes place on an entirely new island and is also a new adventure. Players can interact with the Pokemon by providing them food, which might allow them to get a better shot. In the previous entry, your pictures are rated at the end of a run. In this entry, it seems like your favorite pictures can be hung on a digital wall.

You can watch the trailer below:

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